Turkish Grand Prix's Future In Danger

Mustafa SariContributor IFebruary 9, 2009

Istanbul Park should be the motorsport center of Turkey, but the circuit got only one race per year. There is no local race in circuit. So it is an empty beauty, most of the year.

Turkey started to organise Formula One in 2005, but the Turkish Grand Prix is in danger.

I like Istanbul Park and I love to watch races there but everything got worse year by year. I went every race in Istanbul Park. Local media never cared about motorsports in Turkey. They start to make news on Friday's on practice days every year.

Local media does nothing to remind people that Turkey has a Formula One race. Organizers are worse than the media. They do nothing about the race. For example, the ticket prices are very expensive for fans and in circuit, there is no special events for fans.

There is no advertising or other promotions for the race and it is so tragic. Istanbul Park is one of world-renowned circuit architect Herman Tilke's best circuits, but the country doesn't care about the race. Circuit organizers didn't do a thing to entice fans to come every year. Hermann Tilke designs circuits like Bahrain or new Abu Dabi circuit but his other design Istanbul Park has a dark future.

Also Turkish Motorsport Federation made a lot of mistakes too, leading Bernie Ecclestone to rent the circuit. Now Turkey looks like it may lose the race.

Old organizers didn't do good enough job organizing the event and the state didn't care about the race. The neglect shows everything. Bruno Senna even hit a dog in a race once, wrecking his car and leading the former Formula One champ to retire.

Turkey didn't learn the lesson about Formula One. It is a serious organization and if they want to organise the race after 2011, they need fans, media and state support. They have nothing now. 

If they come to reality and see what did they have done in recent years—if they learn their lesson, Turkey will continue to have Formula One races. if not, then Turkey must say goodbye.