5 Potential Premier League Deals to Top Eden Hazard's Move to Chelsea

Ralph Longo@https://twitter.com/RalphLongoAnalyst IIIJune 11, 2012

5 Potential Premier League Deals to Top Eden Hazard's Move to Chelsea

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    Every year, speculation runs wild when it comes to Premier League transfer talk. No one ever knows who's going to go where, and when those moves are going to be made. While currently there is a lot of talk going back and forth between the clubs, numerous rumors have surfaced regarding where various players are set to end up for the upcoming season. 

    So, here are the top five potential Premier League deals that could possibly top Eden Hazard's move to Chelsea. Some on the list are more likely to occur than others, but all would be big deals that would shake up the league. 

1. Luka Modric to Manchester United

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    Croatian star Luka Modric, who currently plays at midfield for Tottenham Hotspur, has been the subject of a lot of speculation regarding a transfer. Modric would undoubtedly be a big-time addition to the Red Devils. He would be able to step in right away and would be a major contributor and would really help out a team that is beginning to get old at midfield. 

    While it would be a great move for Manchester United, it's going to be a tough deal to get done. According to The Daily Mail, Tottenham is likely going to demand at the very minimum 35 million pounds to get the deal done.

    That's a lot of money, so it remains to be seen if Manchester United will be willing to spend that type of cash on a guy who is about to turn 27. 

2. Leighton Baines to Manchester United

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    With news that Everton is looking primed to sign Irishman Stephen Ward, according to Mirror Football, Manchester United now stands a good chance to get Leighton Baines away from Everton and sign him. Much like Modric, Baines would fit right in for Manchester United, and would be a really solid addition for the Red Devils. 

    It appears that there's a really great chance that the deal gets done, as Baines' departure from Everton is likely imminent. Fans of Manchester United should look forward to having a top left-back for the upcoming season. 

3. Mohamed Diamé to Liverpool

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    Mohamed Diamé appears to be headed to Liverpool for the upcoming season, according to Sky Sports. While he currently plays for Wigan, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has his sights set on Diamé and is looking to get him off Wigam and onto Liverpool. Apparently, Rodgers is a big fan of the midfielder and would love to see him get added to the team. 

    With new manager Rodgers giving the green light for Liverpool to go ahead and try and get Diamé, there doesn't seem like much is in the way, and you can expect that Diamé will soon be a member of the Liverpool football club. 

4. Lewis Holtby to the Premier League

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    Recently, Lewis Holtby said, via the Daily Telegraph, "I have always said that my aim is to come to the Premier League one day because I love the league Holtby is a young player who could be a future star in the Premier League if he goes to Arsenal. He's only 21 years old, and since his dad was born in England, it would be like going home for Holtby.

    Holtby told Talksport (h/t goal.com) that he likes the style of football that Arsenal plays and that he would be able to fit right in to their system. While it's preliminary and possibly a long shot at this point, it's a move that's definitely worth paying attention to. He's happy at the moment playing for Schlake, but if the right deal is offered, you never know.  

5. Solomon Kalou to Newcastle United

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    It appears that Solomon Kalou is set to sign with Newcastle United when his contract with Chelsea is up on June 30th, reports The Daily Mail. With his release imminent, it would be relatively easy and pain-free for Newcastle to sign him as long as they offer him a fair deal. He would be a good fit with their system, and his speed and elusiveness would be a great addition to any team. 

    If Newcastle United can ink Kalou to their squad, it should improve their offense and give them a boost to be a contender and move up from the 5th spot in the Premier League that they occupied last season.