Big Ten Football Morning Coffee: It's a Corgi in a Spartan Shirt, People

Adam Jacobi@Adam_JacobiBig Ten Football Lead WriterJune 11, 2012

Photo via It's a spargi!
Photo via It's a spargi!

Rise and shine, friends. Here's what's going down in the Big Ten today.

—OK, that picture at the top? Are you seeing this? Today is a great day. That corgi picture comes to us from, and before we go any further: My name is Adam J., and I'm a corgi addict. (Hi, Adam). I am willing to accept any and all pictures of dogs in Big Ten gear for future use here; tweet them at me at @Adam_Jacobi or send them to my B/R inbox. Because look at that dog. Oh god. OK, moving on.

—According to Kyle Baumgardner of, Brady Hoke says by today's recruiting standards, Tom Brady "probably would have been a two-star guy." That's patently false, as everyone knows any quarterback that Michigan offers gets a minimum 3-star rating; in 2004, an over-imbibed Lloyd Carr sarcastically offered a scholarship to a utility pole one night; by daybreak had sent two scouts and named the pole the 15th-best pro-style QB in the nation.

—We're getting to the point where longform journalism is catching up with the Penn State situation, and to that end this Esquire feature by Luke Dittrich on Jerry Sandusky, the alleged Victim 1, Joe and Jay Paterno is an absolute must-read. It's long, yeah, and it's certainly not comfortable to read. But it shouldn't be comfortable, because this is a really disturbing case and it's foolish to pretend it isn't.

—Iowa's legendary running back woes continued unabated when, per ESPN.comstar RB recruit Greg Garmon was arrested for marijuana possession on Thursday night. Garmon had been a candidate for significant carries this season almost by default—and one simple misdemeanor for driving around with a joint doesn't look like a career-buster—but between the arrest and his extraordinarily ill-advised Twitter account, it's hard to imagine Garmon being a good fit in Iowa City.