The Sixth Bald Prophet's 2009 Bracket Projection

Marc DaleyAnalyst IFebruary 9, 2009

The last four teams to go shopping for tuxedos are:  Michigan (who put a valiant effort against UConn this weekend), Southern Cal (more on them later), Arizona (really starting to play better and now have a winning record in the Pac-10) and Cincinnati (who'd have thought it?)

The last four teams to stay at home crying and watching movies are: Kansas State (had a lower profile than Nebraska, even though the two are very similar), St. Joe's (just can't see a third A-10 team getting in), UAB (nice RPI but a third-place sitting in C-USA) and Providence (they don't stand out enough to justify being the ninth team from the Big East).

My big mover up from last week is Florida State, who comes off of a win over Clemson and pushed North Carolina to the wire previously.  Leonard Hamilton can breathe easier for the moment.

My big mover down is the aforementioned USC Trojans.  In all fairness, I overrated them a bit even though they are a talented team.  However, they are sitting just above .500 in the Pac-10 at the moment and Tim Floyd is one of those coaches that is straight out of corporate middle management. 

He's a good motivator and will promise you the moon, but when it comes to planning and strategy, he's not the guy you want to go for.  Billy Gillispie and Bruce Pearl fit into this category as well and their teams also barely made this week's dance card.





1 UConn vs. 16 Morgan St.

2 Michigan State vs. 15 Robert Morris

3 Memphis vs. 14 American

4 Wake Forest vs. 13 Buffalo

5 Washington vs. 12 Michigan

6 Florida vs. 11 BYU

7 Syracuse vs. 10 Texas

8 Davidson vs. 9 Dayton




1 North Carolina vs. 16 Boston U.

2 Marquette vs. 15 ETSU

3 Clemson vs. 14 VMI

4 Missouri vs. 13 Northeastern

5 Illinois vs. 12 Southern Cal

6 Purdue vs. 11 Kentucky

7 Cal vs. 10 Utah

8 South Carolina vs. 9 West Virginia




1 Pitt vs. 16 Play-In (Alabama St./Princeton)

2 Duke vs. 15 Morehead State

3 Villanova vs. 14 North Dakota State

4 Kansas vs. 13 Northern Iowa

5 Ohio State vs. 12 Arizona

6 Arizona State vs. 11 Nebraska

7 LSU vs. 10 San Diego State

8 Gonzaga vs. 9 Virginia Tech




1 Oklahoma vs. 16 Long Beach State

2 Louisville vs. 15 Weber State

3 Xavier vs. 14 Stephen F. Austin

4 UCLA vs. 13 Western Kentucky

5 Butler vs. 12 Cincinnati

6 Florida State vs. 11 Tennessee

7 Minnesota vs. 10 Siena

8 Utah State vs. 9 Boston College



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