Chelsea FC: 6 Reasons the Blues Will Win the EPL in 2013

Greg Probert@@GregProbertFWContributor IIJune 14, 2012

Chelsea FC: 6 Reasons the Blues Will Win the EPL in 2013

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    All in all, last season will go down as one of the most memorable in Chelsea's history, if not the most memorable.

    With an FA Cup victory and the all-important Champions League trophy now at Stamford Bridge, it was a successful campaign.

    But Chelsea's league position was quite the opposite, with the dramatic win over Bayern Munich being the only reason Chelsea are competing in next year's Champions League competition at all.

    The Blues will want to be be far more competitive in the league in the 2012-13 season, and with Roberto Di Matteo locking up a permanent manager's role, can the Blues regain some domestic dominance to add to their European title?

New Players

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    Saying that Chelsea's spending power will be a factor in a league that has Manchester City might seem a bit ridiculous.

    But Chelsea's European triumph may be a key factor in attracting the biggest names to Stamford Bridge.

    Chelsea have already been active in the transfer market, signing German Marko Marin and highly-rated Belgian winger Eden Hazard.

    These players may be what Chelsea need to add some youth and pace to the side. Add to them players like Hulk and Gregory van der Wiel, who have been long-term targets for the Blues, and you have some real quality to start off next season.

Pressure Off

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    Most seasons, Chelsea expected to be one of the teams that will be competing to be the Premier League winners.

    But since the emergence of Manchester City as big players in the English game, Manchester has looked like monopolising the title challenges.

    After Chelsea's below-par league performance last season, they aren't very fancied to lift the trophy in 2013, but this slight underdog status had been working in Chelsea's favour in the last few months.

    With most eyes on the two Manchester clubs to be battling for the title, the pressure is off Chelsea somewhat, and they can go about their business throughout the season and perform well.


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    Chelsea are understandably on cloud nine right now. Who wouldn't be?

    They are the newly crowned champions of Europe and have finally gotten their hands on the Holy Grail they wanted so badly.

    This will obviously give all the players a massive confidence boost, knowing that they are capable of beating the best teams in the continent, even when the odds are stacked heavily against them.

    Hopefully, under the guidance of Roberto Di Matteo, the players can take this confidence and use it to their advantage in the way they approach league games.

Premier League Becoming More Open

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    There is no doubt about it; the Premier League has become a far more open league in recent seasons.

    Points were being dropped all over the place by all teams, and that includes the bigger sides in the league.

    Arsenal had one of the worst starts to the Premier League imaginable but managed to battle back to gain third place, and the driving seat for the title changed hands many times.

    For Chelsea, it started well and got progressively worse under Andre Villas-Boas, but then fortunes changed when Roberto Di Matteo took over.

    If Chelsea could have kept up their form during the latter stages of the season for the entire campaign, they could have crashed the Manchester clubs' party.

    The open nature of the league could count against any club in the league, but on the other side of that, it gives any of the top clubs a shot at winning the league if they can keep up a good run of results.

Di Matteo Factor

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    Nobody is quite sure how he did it, but he changed Chelsea to a winning side in a matter of months.

    It could be a matter of luck, tactics or just that the players took to him, but something changed in the air at Stamford Bridge when Roberto Di Matteo stepped in to Andre Villas-Boas' shoes.

    Many of Chelsea's big players have expressed their admiration of Di Matteo and that they would be delighted if he was to be offered the job on a full-time basis.

    The players have finally gotten their wish. Di Matteo has been offered a contract and can be given an opportunity to build the Chelsea team in a a way he would like.

Been There Before

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    This isn't an advantage that's exclusive to Chelsea, but it's an advantage all the same.

    During the end of a Premier League campaign, legs can get tired and minds run down, and concentration and focus can slip when the finishing line is in sight.

    Manchester City could have walked away with the league following their start, but as Manchester United crept up on them, their nerves jangled and they dropped points.

    Chelsea have won the Premier League three times, so the senior players will know what it takes to close out a season should they be in a position where they are fighting for the title as the campaign draws to a close.