5 Current WWE Superstars Who Will One Day Be in the Hall of Fame (But Shouldn't)

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IJuly 22, 2012

5 Current WWE Superstars Who Will One Day Be in the Hall of Fame (But Shouldn't)

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    The recent surge of returning and Hall of Famers on WWE television has gotten me thinking about a distant future—one in which current superstars make their returns as legends. 

    The idea is an interesting one because given the WWE's current talent, it is frankly impossible to determine which superstars on the current roster are one day going to be hall of fame inductees. 

    Sure, people like the Big Show, Chris Jericho and John Cena are definite candidates, but what about other less approved superstars?

    The are several characters that the WWE keeps shoving down our throats. What's to stop them from one day naming these people are Hall of Famers?  

The Great Khali

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    The Great Khali will one day probably be in the WWE's Hall of Fame for the same reason he is still with the company—his international appeal. 

    People in the US might not be in love with the "Punjabi Playboy," but the truth is that he is a national hero in his native India. His addition to the Hall of Fame is just the sort of main stream media attention the WWE loves—even if that main stream media happens to be Indian. 

    Let's face it, if the company trusts him enough to give him the World Heavyweight Championship, then the reasoning stands that he will probably find his way into a future Hall of Fame class. 

Michael Cole

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    Michael Cole has been with the WWE since 1997, and while his current character seems to attract some rather negative comments, the truth is that being with the company for almost 15 years will without a doubt earn him a spot on the WWE's Hall of Fame. 

    I really hate to say his spot in the Hall of Fame isn't earned after all there was a time when Cole's character was actually good (or at least tolerable), and there honestly isn't a way to fairly gauge how much of Cole's sour turn isn't based on the creative team's decisions rather than his personal flaws. 

    That being said, Michael Cole will one day be in the WWE's Hall of Fame whether we want him there or not. 


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    On paper, Hornswoggle's career is actually a decent one.

    He has been with the WWE for over eight years, he was a one-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion, he was the general manager of Raw and, most importantly, he was magically granted the ability to speak by Santa Claus. But given Hornswoggle's almost decade-long tenure, there is unfortunately no better way to describe the Wisconsin native than to call him a joke. 

    Yet I am willing to believe that as far as jokes go, the joke will one day be on all of us. Given his immense popularity with kids, I have no doubt that the butt-biting leprechaun will one day get the honor of wearing a Hall of Fame ring. 

Kelly Kelly

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    Despite having one of the worst gimmick names in WWE history, Kelly Kelly has remained popular during her six-year career with the WWE. 

    Many fans have often been overtly critical of the Diva's wrestling ability, but regardless if whether this accusation may be true or not, the fact remains that Kelly Kelly will one day be in the WWE's Hall of Fame. 

    If rumors of her leaving the WWE are true, this would only further benefit the WWE down the line. Chances are, Kelly Kelly is looking to break into more traditional entertainment forms, and if the Diva does one day gain mainstream attention, the WWE will without a doubt court her attention by adding her to their Hall of Fame. 

Sin Cara

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    I know Sin Cara hasn't done much—well, anything actually—since his debut with the WWE, but much like Mil Mascaras before him, the Mexican superstar will without a doubt be part of the WWE's Hall of Fame simply because of his international appeal. 

    Even if Sin Cara was to be released in an immediate future, he would still have legions of fans around the world ready to cheer him on. 

    The WWE knows this. It's probably the reason why he is still around and probably the reason why, despite not being able to give his acceptance award in English, Sin Cara will be a future Hall of Famer. 


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