Notre Dame's Bubble Popped by Vicious Big East Schedule Once Again

Tony BishopCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was punished in the afterlife by having to push a large boulder up a steep hill. Every time he came close to cresting the hill, the boulder would tumble all the way again.

Watching Notre Dame's current basketball campaign can be likened to watching Sisyphus's impossible task.

I can't help but wonder if this disgusting stretch of ten games that includes eight ranked teams, and Cincinnati who is no push over by any means, has eliminated Irish chances of making the NCAA tournament. 

A team that was lauded as a top contender for the Big East crown, had Naismith award hopeful Luke Harangody and had senior sharpshooter Kyle McAlarney roving outside the arc is going through a seven game losing streak.

A team that comfortably fit in the top ten for the entirety of the 2008 half of the season is now 12-10.

A team that defeated Texas and never gave up against North Carolina got to January and now has a 3-7 record in the Big East—which includes a loss to St. John's.

A team that had a twenty-game home Big East winning streak has now lost two in a row, albeit both to top-ten teams.

Now, that same team (which still has at least four games against ranked opponents remaining) will be struggling to make the NCAA tournament.

Notre Dame's originally mediocre RPI has now plummeted to devastation numbers.

They have two quality wins (Texas and Georgetown) but with as many chances as they've had against top 25 competition the selection committee would have liked to see more wins.

Or at least competitive games.

Notre Dame's offense has been either all-Harangody or all-nothing.

They've had scoring chances and they're getting off good clean, shots but the buckets aren't falling for the Irish.

On defense Notre Dame might as well watch Family Guy reruns. Their ability to shut down—well, anybody—is non-existent. 

Now the Irish are on the outside looking in. Notre Dame fans won't have a home team to put in the Final Four for their office pools.

Now it looks like the Irish are going to try and make two post-season trips to Madison Square Garden.