WWE No Way Out 2012: 10 Reasons This Will Be WWE's Worst Event of the Year

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IJune 16, 2012

WWE No Way Out 2012: 10 Reasons This Will Be WWE's Worst Event of the Year

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    2012 has thus far been a complicated year for WWE fans—an unstable ride plagued by awful PPV events featuring hidden wrestling gems. 

    Last month's Over the Limit card was a prime example of this tragedy in which great matches such as CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan were overshadowed by an asinine main event; and unfortunately for wrestling fans, it looks like No Way Out will be no exception. 

    In fact, the way things stand now, all signs point to this being the worst PPV event of the year. 

Pre-Event Match

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    Normally, I am very excited about these pre-PPV matches. I know they aren't supposed to be treated as anything too serious, but given the quality of the past pre-PPV matches, I am quite surprised by how little I care about this match. 

    Even with the events on SmackDown, the build-up for this match is poor, at best. 

Tuxedo Match

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    I am not a huge fan of matches with weird stipulations, and even though I am glad that Ricardo is getting more TV time despite Alberto Del Rio's injury, under no conditions should the United States Champion have to compete in such a match. 

    This will probably be a fun match, but again, is there a reason why Santino still has the belt around his waist? 

Obligatory Ryback (or Any Other Unscheduled Match)

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    It's probably not fair to judge No Way Out based on the speculation that a match like this will happen, but given the WWE's past PPVs, I can almost guarantee that Ryback will be given another handicap match against a pair of locals.

    If the WWE really wants to make No Way Out stand out, how about they give Ryback a real opponent (or at the very least throw a third scrawny guy in the ring).  

Divas Match

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    Layla and Beth Phoenix are without a doubt two of the top female competitors on the Divas roster. That being said, their match this Sunday is a huge surprise. 

    The surprise here, of course, is not that the match is going to happen, but instead that the Divas division still exists. If the WWE expects people to stand behind their Divas division, they need to give these women more TV time to allow for a more natural build-up. 

No Tag-Team Match

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    I understand that the WWE is not directly to be blamed for R-Truth's injury and thus the lack of a tag-team match, but nonetheless, the fact that a tag-team match won't happen is still pretty disappointing, especially given the division's new-found revival. 

Thin WWE Roster

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    Again, it's hard to blame the WWE for all the injured/supended WWE superstars out there, but with a list that includes names like Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett, Evan Bourne and Alberto Del Rio, it is hard to get excited about the possibility of matches involving the limited roster. 

Unfortunate Lack of Build-Up for Sheamus vs. Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler is without a doubt one of the most talented young guys on the WWE roster. His growth this year has been phenomenal, but at the same time, his inclusion into the World Heavyweight Championship scene seems rushed. 

    I have no doubt that the match between these two men will be great, but unfortunately, this is not the right time for it. 

Kane's Addition to the WWE Championship Match

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    Kane's return to the WWE has thus far been a huge bust. His feuds with Cena and Orton were boring and poorly booked, and now again, the Big Red Machine has found his way into the Main Event scene. 

    But really, how deserving is Kane of this shot? Last month, Kane was part of a Youtube pre-PPV match with Zack Ryder, and now he is part of the WWE Championship match? 

    In what world does that make sense? 

Poor Quality of Overall Card

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    Starting at $44.95 on the WWE.com PPV media player, this pay-per-view is over-priced. 

    Based on the event's current card, there is honestly nothing about this event that makes me want to fork over almost $50. 

    Really, is there any match here we haven't seen already? Or any match that's worth watching again?

The Main Event

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    As if adding insult to injury, not only does this PPV event have a hugely underwhelming card, but it's main event has to be by far the worst main event of any PPV this year (yes, even worse than last month's John Cean vs. John Laurinaitis match). 

    We've seen this match already over the years, and honestly, it doesn't have much to offer. I hope I am proven wrong this Sunday, but as things stand, this event has the potential to be the worst PPV of the year. 

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