Arizona Cardinals Need To Change Their Logo and Image (Part Two)

andy mungerCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

The New England Patriots use to have an awful logo and uniform. They were constantly in the cellar in the years that they wore these bright red uniforms with the Patriot bending over and squatting to hike the ball.

This was perhaps the worst team logo in the league's history. They looked more like Redcoats than the Patriots that they were named after.  As I was writing before, once they acquired a couple of great quarterbacks, they changed their image, turned their franchise around, and are now highly regarded as a winning franchise.

They have been able to shed the "loser image" which the Arizona Cardinals have had for over forty years. One Super Bowl appearance will not change that. They need to begin and maintain a long legacy of winning—something that the Patriots began doing shortly after changing their uniforms and logo in the 1990's.

I simply think that the Cardinals need to change their uniform and get rid of that ridiculous redbird on their helmet. Maybe they could create an image with wings similar to the one that the Eagles have.

Many teams, in addition to the Patriots, have gotten rid of their bad logos and changed their fortunes. How many people remember those awful Buccaneers' teams with that orange pirate on their helmets? As soon as they changed that logo, they made a Super Bowl appearance.

The Cardinals have tinkered with the uniform, but that bird on the helmet has to go. It looks like something that should be on the helmet of a bad college football team. I believe Louisville has the same logo and it's very close to the one at my Alma mater, Illinois State University.

In fact, the ISU logo used to be a bird holding its thumb up, before we pressured the university to change it to the current one which is a more menacing bird-head look.

No NFL team should want a logo so close in resemblance to Illinois State or Ball state.

In part three of my review, I will suggest some changes for the look of the Arizona Cardinals.