Has Hoke Revoked Jaron Dukes' Scholarship? Interview with Jaron Dukes, UM Commit

Michael ChungCorrespondent IIIJune 10, 2012

Internet rumors went flying recently that Jaron Dukes, a UM commit for the 2013 season, had his scholarship revoked by Brady Hoke. I asked Jaron for an interview, and he graciously took some time to address these issues.


Rumors are that Brady Hoke revoked your scholarship offer; is it true?

JD: The rumor is not true; Brady Hoke never said anything to me. I have talked to Coach Montgomery and Coach Heck(linski), and they were wondering if I had de-committed from them. I told them no and that these were all rumors. They assured me that everything was OK and to relax.

How did this rumor start?

JD: I have no idea and have no idea why it is I. My girlfriend and I just returned from Kings Island, and I heard all this talk that I had de-committed.  Coaches were online Facebooking me, etc. trying to get a hold of me and telling me to call them ASAP. All is squared away now. There were people on Twitter that said I had been dropped. I think the rumor may have started on an Ohio State board.

Have you talked to Brady Hoke these last few days?

JD: No, sir; I have not heard from coach Hoke. I plan on calling him tonight or tomorrow, but from my point of view, the rumor is completely false.

Living in Columbus but being a Michigan commit, do you get razed a lot?

JD: Yes, everyday! Neighbors, teachers, friends all give me a hard time. One time, I was in a mall and an older lady saw me and just started calling me SCUM and kept calling me that name.

How did you grow up being a Michigan fan while growing up in Columbus?

JD: When I was really young, I do not know why this moment sticks out, but I went to school and everyone was wearing Ohio State shirts, and I am asking myself, why is everyone wearing Ohio State? An older kid later told me to wear some maize and blue, and I wore it and liked it. I did some more research and just learned more and more about Michigan. I actually wanted to be a basketball player when I was little to follow LeBron James’ career.

Did Ohio State ever offer you a scholarship?

JD: They did not, but my high school coach did mention to me that Coach Fickell would come by and talk to him. I am also really close to Verlon Reed, who plays for OSU, and he always told me to work hard and an offer would come. I also have talked to Stan Drayton before as well.

What will your major be?

JD: Communications

Thank you, Jaron for taking time to do this interview. We hope this situation resolves itself soon and that you have a great college career.

Michael Chung is a Correspondent for Bleacher Report, Sports-at-Work and Silver Bullet. Unless otherwise noted, all quotes were obtained first-hand or from official interview materials.