Will This Trip West Help or Bust the Canadiens Season?

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

As the Canadiens travel west this week what will be the end result?

Will it help them solidify a position as true contender in the east or totally bust their season?

It was very confusing as they played Buffalo and then Toronto this past weekend. In the game against the Sabres they out played them by a wide margin, but couldn't score on Miller. They out shot the Sabres fifteen to five in the first period and then came the second and as soon as Buffalo scored you could feel the wind coming out of the Habs.

It was all down hill after that!

Price seemed to be very uncomfortable in net and it showed, not that his defence was helping him at all. Saturday not only did they not out play Toronto, but they where left completely looking silly. 

A wide open net and the only thing that got hit was a post. Toronto could shoot from anywhere and they couldn't help but put the puck in the net.

In the post game interview Carbonneau was asked about Carey and all he could say was that he let in five goals what else can I say, poor Carey. All he could come up with was we have to stop this and it cannot go on like this for the rest of the season.

The game tonight against Calgary is the first of six games that will end in the east with Pittsburgh. If they come home with five out of six wins that would be terrific as that would give them ten points.

Calgary is not playing up to their ability right now and the Habs have beat them once this season at home. Edmonton is not a real threat, but not a push over either. Colorado is sometimes up and other times down, but again you just never know.

Vancouver has been playing well lately and Chicago got a bit of a surprise Saturday evening. The Capitals and then Pittsburgh follow these games with the Canadiens already beating Washington at home and the same with Pittsburgh.

The Canadiens road record has been woeful lately and will need to improve greatly for them to come home next Saturday with a winning record, and then face Ottawa who has pulled off a couple of wins on the weekend.

I guess as a fan of the Canadiens it is going to be wait and see through this six gamer out west. Like the little clown the Habs could put a smile on your face, or leave you looking and feeling very sad. Let's hope we're all smiling!