Virginia Tech Football: What You Need to Know About Hokies' Backup QBs

Ryan McCartCorrespondent IIIJune 10, 2012

Virginia Tech Football: What You Need to Know About Hokies' Backup QBs

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    Logan Thomas is a budding superstar for the Hokies, but his play can also scare Virginia Tech fans. He doesn’t go down on the first hit or the second one, it’s usually the third that will bring down the towering Thomas, but when a quarterback plays that way injuries are never far away (ask the Steelers). That is why it is of the utmost importance to have a reliable group of backups behind Thomas.

    The backup quarterbacks are always a popular group among fans because they provide the unknown. There could be a superstar among their ranks, but you never know. Those same fans also never want to find out because that means that their superstar quarterback went down. The Hokies currently have four quarterbacks on their depth chart. Logan Thomas leads the way followed by Mark Leal, Trey Gresh and Brian Rody. The following list will give you a look at these players that you love but never want to see.

Mark Leal

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    Leal is a sophomore quarterback from Greenacres, Florida. He is the only player on this list who received any playing time last season (mostly in mop-up duty). In the two games in which he appeared, Leal completed nine of 13 passes for 153 yards and a couple of touchdowns.

    He is an accurate passer with a good arm and some mobility making him a more-than-capable backup. If Thomas went down, fans would have some confidence in Leal. Despite the fact that Leal is liked by fans, many hope that he will be a career backup, because that means that Logan Thomas stays for his senior year and incoming recruit Bucky Hodges is good enough to keep Leal as the backup.

Trey Gresh

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    Gresh is the third-string quarterback as a sophomore. He should quickly become a fan favorite at Virginia Tech, not because of his play or the fact that he is on the third string, but rather because of where he is from. Gresh is a hometown kid; he grew up in Blacksburg. Gresh was also the holder on field goals last year.

    Gresh had one good highlight during spring practice. In the first open scrimmage, Gresh was responsible for the only offensive touchdown in the entire game.

Brian Rody

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    Rody is currently an unknown commodity as the fourth-string quarterback for Frank Beamer. He is a preferred walk-on this year. He is a freshman with great size for the position. He is 6'6" and weighs 221 pounds. He will probably be asked to put on some weight over the next year or so to get into better playing shape.

    Fans desperately hope that he is still an unknown commodity at the end of the season, because if he has to play in the regular season then it could be a bad season for the Hokies.