Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley Results: Controversy Kills Sport's Credibility

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Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley Results: Controversy Kills Sport's Credibility
Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Boxing has turned into a joke.

As the whole world saw Manny Pacquiao winning 11-of-12 rounds Saturday night, I was pretty convinced Pacquiao was going to be announced the winner of his prize fight against Timothy Bradley. 

Boy was I wrong. Well, the whole world was wrong.

In a stunning split decision, the judges gave the fight to Bradley, and the decision has now killed boxing's credibility. 

Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

I've said from the beginning that Pac-Man or Floyd Mayweather Jr. can't lose prior to their super fight, if it were to ever happen. I was convinced that any close fight would probably go Mayweather or Pacquiao's way to ensure that the pay-per-view rates stayed through the roof.


Apparently not even decisive victories go their way.

Pac-Man was robbed last night. Bradley even admitted that he would have to watch the tape to see if he won. 


Did this decision kill boxing's credibility?

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When was the last time you heard that one? It was an absolute joke of a night in the world of boxing and they should be ashamed.

Now we will have to wait for the rematch against Bradley, and I could care less. I hate to say something is fixed without actually knowing, but this was pretty close to being fixed.

And as far as Mayweather is concerned, I could care less if I saw that fight too. 

It's like the loser of the AFC Championship Game going up against the winner of the NFC Championship Game. It wouldn't make a lot of sense. 

Any feelings of excitement I had towards that fight was shot last night. 

But then again, who really knows if we were going to see that fight anyway. I mean, we've only been waiting half a decade to see the two best fighters in the world go at it. 

Only in boxing would you see something so asinine. 

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