TNA Hall of Fame: WWE Smackdown Hints at Christian's Potential Induction

Dathen BoccabellaAnalyst IIJune 9, 2012

Is this the TNA Hall of Fame's first inductee?
Is this the TNA Hall of Fame's first inductee?

With Christian slated to appear at TNA’s upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view, at least according to Dixie Carter, the most significant question is “why?”

Why is Christian appearing at Slammiversary?

The move is controversial in and of itself, suggesting that either TNA is getting their side of the bargain after WWE inducted Ric Flair with the Four Horseman earlier this year, or simply that WWE considers TNA little more than a small promotion Christian wrestled for in his past.

Whatever the technical reasoning behind the move, fans are speculating what exactly Christian will be doing at TNA’s 10-year celebration.

He may merely be making a guest appearance, or something more significant. There are only two open positions for Christian to fill, other than a surprise appearance. They are either as the challenger to Crimson’s invitational, or slightly more likely, as the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.

While others such as Jeff Jarrett, Sting or AJ Styles are much more deserving of the honor of being first, Christian is a big-name wrestler who freely chose to wrestle for TNA and helped draw some major attention to the company.

While fans have been mulling over the news and pondering whether Christian will be the first inductee, an interesting segment took place on Friday Night Smackdown.

In the return of the Peep Show, Christian referred to his goal of putting together a Hall of Fame career, to which the guest Cody Rhodes patronizingly responded, more in tone than words, that Christian was not worthy of such an honor.


If Christian is indeed TNA’s first Hall of Famer, then it would seem WWE was casually alluding to his upcoming induction. Otherwise, it’s just very coincidental.

Slammiversary takes place in Arlington Texas tomorrow night, so whatever Christian’s involvement is, all will soon be revealed.

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