A Better ECW: The Ian Harrison Project, Week One and Rules

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

I can't say this was my idea.

I'm going to post my card for ECW every week until I get bored. I know I can write a better program then what we're getting, so stay tuned.

Rule 1: Titles

A) I can't bring in new titles.
B) I can however defend the one's held by my wrestlers.

Rule 2: Roster

A)  I can use all of my wrestlers, but I can't bring in other wrestlers unless the other rules say it's legal.
B)  I can use other brands superstars only when they make a full time move to ECW or they're in a feud with one of my boys.
C)  If a star appears on my show that normally appears on another brand, I can use that star as many times as s/he shows up on ECW.
D)  I can't use injured superstars.  If the injuries are kayfabe, I can use them,

Rule 3. Show length

A) I have to limit my show to 60 minutes, with time for commercials. [Unless ECW switches time lengths, then I have to go with whatever they're going with.]

I might add more to these later, but I will not change the rules I already have.

I will post my ECW every Wednesday.  Week one will be an exception, and will be used as last weeks.

With that being said; here's my opening day roster.

GM - Teddy Long

ECW Champion: Jack Swagger

World tag team champions: The Miz and John Morrison.

Jamie Noble
The Boogeyman
D.J. Gabriele
Alicia Fox
Evan Bourne*
Jack Swagger
John Morrison
Katie Lea Burchill
Mark Henry
Ricky Ortiz
Paul Burchill
The Miz
Tony Atlas
Tommie Dreamer

Week One

The show starts with a video package of Jack Swagger. Notably his wins over Matt Hardy are featured. Then his record is on the screen. Then the message: Can anyone beat him?

The normal ECW video opens the show and Matt Stryker and Josh Grisham welcome us to the program.

Stryker tells us how Swagger is really impressing him. The he says Swagger will have a match tonight.  

Tommie Dreamer comes out and says how he's tired of ECW being run by Jack Swagger. Swagger comes out and says if Tommie is so good why isn't he champion. Swagger says he'll give Tommie a match at No Way Out if he can Win a match tonight, against a hand picked opponent.


When we come back, we see Paul Burchill in the ring, with his sister, Katie Lea at ring side.

The announcer says - "His oponnent, accompaned to the ring by Alica Fox,  D. J. Gabrielle"

Gabrielle dances his way into the ring like he normally does...

The match begins and Burchill dominates Gabrielle. Burchill hits Gabrielle with a few strong punchs off the bat, and is looking good. He throws Gabrielle into the corner and delivers some nasty shoulder thrusts.

Burchill sets Gabrielle up to the ride and hits a spinebuster.  Gabrielle is barely moving at this point.

Burchill puts him in a sleeper hold, and Gabrielle is looking dazed. Burchill lets him out and yells to the fans "The Ripper has arrived!" Burchill then slams his finisher onto D.J. Gabrielle, the curb-stomp.

Burchill gets an easy win. (Total match time: 7:24)

Stryker is praising the work of Paul Burchill and touts him as one of ECW"s best.
Grisham says how  hurt Gabrielle looks.

As Gabrielle is lying in the ring, we cut to the backstage to get an interview with Finlay.

Tiffany is doing the interviewing, and asks Finlay how excited he is to face Jack Swagger tonight.  He says it's his dream to win the gold, and that he would like nothing better than to kick his bratty ass.


We're joined back and instantly we see Finlay and Hornswoggle making their way down the ramp.

Swagger makes his way down to the ring flashing his ECW title.

Finlay kicks off the match with a huge right hand to Swagger. Swagger can't respond quickly enough and before you know it Finlay is landing punches at will.  Swagger is in the corner and Finlay is still connected punches.

The ref pulls Finlay away and Swagger trys to get a cheap shot on Finlay but Finlay blocks it and hits Swagger again.

Finlay dominates until he goes for a suplex that is blocked by Swagger. Swagger sends him on an Irish whip, and Finlay ducks Swagger's clothesline attempt, but when Finlay comes back the second tim he catches Swagger's boot to his face.  Finlay gets thrown to the outside.

Hornswoggle comes out from under the ring to try to help Finlay.  Jack Swagger hits Hornswoggle, and then throws him into the ring.  Swagger hits his signature gut-wrench power bomb on the little guy.  He turns around to meet Finlay's shillelagh.

Swagger wins by D.Q.  (Actual match time 5:45)

Final commercial

Dreamer is coming to the ring and the announcer is explaining the situation.

Jack Swagger comes back out onto the ramp, and says Tommie Dreamer's match was now a ECW rules match.

*John Morrison's music starts*

We see one half of the tag team champions come down to the ring. Morrison grabs a mic and says once he beats Tommie Dreamer, that he'll have to be the No. 1 contender.

The match starts as Dreamer attacks Morrison while he's still on the mic. Dreamer goes for his signature DDT, but it's blocked by Morrison, and Morrison roles out of the ring. Dreamer follows Morrison out to the outside, but is out smarted, as Morrison starts the beat down before he makes it to the outside.

Morrison throws Tommie into the stairs. Morrison picks up Dreamer and hits him with a suplex. He gets on the appron, and goes for a moonsault plonsha.and connects.  Morrison is bragging to the crowd and showing off his good looks.

Morrison picks up Tommie Dreamer and throws him into the ring. John Morrison then reaches under the ring for a steel chair. He comes back into the ring, but is met by a Tommie Dreamer fist. Dreamer hits four or five good punches before Morrison falls down. Dreamer grabs the chair and is setting up for a shot.

The Miz comes running down the ramp and gets hit by Dreamer's steel chair. The detraction allows Morrison to try a roll-up.

1-2- kick out.

Morrison looks shocked, as does Jack Swagger (who is still on the ramp)  Morrison hits an awesome drop kick on Tommie Dreamer.

John Morrison throws Tommie dreamer into the corner, and appears to be going for a superplex. Tommie counters and throws Morrison off the turnbuckle. Tommie salutes the crowd and does a splash onto Morrison.

1-2- kick out.

Dreamer does grabs the chair and begins to smash himself in the head. He's setting up for his DDT.

Jack Swagger begins to run towards the ring. Out comes Ricky Ortiz and Jamie Noble for the save. All the ring becomes a brawl while Tommie is focusing on Swagger.  Eventually everyone ends up outside of the ring. Swagger has control of Dreamer, and puts him on the ECW announcer table.

Ricky Ortiz comes and hits Jake Swagger before he can put tommie through it.

Then the camera angle is a whole arena shot, and you see Morrison climbing the top ropes.  Morrison does an awesome looking cork-screw and nails Dreamer. The ref counts the 1-2-3.

Morrison, Miz and Swagger celebrate in the ring for a little bit.

All of a sudden, Morrison and Miz start beating up Swagger. They really do a number on him. Miz hits the reality check, and Morrison hits the moonlight drive.

They grab mics and claim that "ECW is their show now!" Morrison says he's coming for his title, and this concludes ECW.


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