NHL: The Battle for the Stanley Cup, or Should I Say D-Cup

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IIJune 9, 2012


If I were looking for words that best describe what makes a great Stanley Cup winning hockey team, I would include terms like grit, determination and work ethic.

But after watching Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals between the New Jersey Devils and the Los Angeles Kings, I would now add to the above list of terms the words “undying concentration. “

Let me explain.

In an attempt to help bolster the Los Angeles Kings’ chances of winning Lord Stanley’s mug, sitting directly behind the New Jersey Devils bench was adult film actress, Taylor Stevens. 

Ms. Stevens, who embodies all the necessary attributes one would normally associate with actresses in her profession, attended the game in the hopes of distracting her beloved Kings’ opponents.

Originally from Toronto and a devoted Maple Leaf fan (which may explain why Ms. Steven’s diabolical plan failed), she sent this message out during the game on her Twitter account (via The Toronto Star), “Omg @ the #kings game ... best seats behind the #devils bench I’ll distract them.”

What she didn’t plan for were a group of men whose level of “undying concentration” was more powerful than her own endowments of distraction could match.

Let’s face it, staving off elimination by winning a clutch game in the other team's building is tough enough, but in light of what the Devils players were confronted with each and every time they stepped off the ice, the fact that they were still able to triumph may go down in NHL history as one of the greatest victories ever recorded.

There is no word yet if Ms. Stevens plans to attend the Game 5 tonight at the Prudential Center in Newark.  But if turnabout is fair play, then who knows what the Los Angeles Kings may have to face? 

Perhaps sitting behind their bench tonight will be the Jersey Shore hobbit, Snooki?