What Is Going On With Chris Jericho?

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

I can't believe what I just saw! I was reading through some articles here on B/R, and I ran across this Chris Jericho thing. I clicked on a YouTube link and actually watched the footage of these events unfold.

The footage shows Jericho at a British Columbia house show apparently leaving the event. As he goes to leave, his SUV is mobbed by angry fans shouting and cursing. Apparently, one angry fan beat on Jericho's window while he was at a stoplight.

At which point Jericho jumped out of his vehicle, looked at a security guard and said curtly, "This guy right here, get him out of here!" To which the fan replied, "What? What are you gonna do? You're an insult to Canadians, you mother****er!" Then, other angry fans start grabbing at Jericho and pushing on him. He seemed to just look on in amazement. He then shifted his expression to complete seriousness as one female fan gave him a hard shove.

Things start to really escalate, and Jericho tries to get back in his vehicle. It was at that moment that the angry female fan jumped on Jericho's back and, apparently, tried to pull him back out of the vehicle. Jericho's natural reflexes must have kicked in and he turned around and apparently punched the female fan.

It was then that another male fan lunged at Jericho and Jericho pushed him away. "Where's the f***ing cops at around here?" Jericho screamed as he pushed another male down to the ground. Jericho is now surrounded by angry fans and a few measly security guards.

"Do your f***ing job...get this b***h outta here!" Jericho barks at security as he pushes away more fans. Another male fan then comes at Jericho but a security guard gets between them. Jericho then pushes the security guard and the male fan about 10 feet and then down to the ground. One female is overheard saying, "I didn't know he really was an @$$hole." Jericho then fights back through the crowd to his SUV where he screams, "Do your f***ing job!" one last time before he finally gets into his vehicle and pulls off.

I had to pick my jaw up off the ground when I saw this. First of all, to the people involved and anyone else who takes Jericho's heat too seriously and forgets that it's all a work. Jericho is an extremely gifted in ring performer, and he has been building a lot of heat with his brash, cocky attitude. I think he's great at what he does, and I respect him for it. Let's not forget this is a man who is one of the last left who trained in Stu Hart's Dungeon at Hart House in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I love wrestling, and I am still very passionate about the art of wrestling. Even though, I don't follow it as much as I used to. I have my favorites, and I have my wrestlers that I dislike. When I attend a house show or any show for that matter I don't go hunt down Cena and scream profanities at him and try to provoke a fight with him. Who in their right mind would? C'mon, lets face it, Jericho owned everybody in that incident.

That's what wrestling is lacking right now. The majority of fans feed on stuff like this and provoke these kind of actions. They should really just keep it simple and cheer their favorites and boo the ones they don't. Instead, they are taking it to such an inappropriate level. It shows a lack of respect.

Jericho respects the fans, he's just doing his job. His role right now is of top heel among others. He's playing his role well. He's building heat and that's a good thing. The fans behavior is not good though, in my mind.

Let's get real here, wrestling fans. Papa Shango didn't really put a curse on the Ultimate Warrior back in the day, Mr. McMahon's "Million Dollar Accident" wasn't an accident and Orton doesn't really have WWE by the balls along with his team of "lawyers."  It is all a work, folks. It's called story-lines.

It is called sports entertainment for a reason. It is here for us wrestling fans to watch and enjoy while cheering and booing whoever we choose. The line must be drawn between reality and entertainment.

Once again, this is about you the wrestling fans. I have opened up the polls to get your opinions on how you feel about this situation. Do you think the fans were out of line in their actions? Do you think Jericho was out of line? Please hit the polls up and drop a comment with your feelings on this crazy situation.

That's all for now, but there's more where that came from.

- Ryan Simon


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