Alex Rodriguez Adds His Name To The Steroid List

Marisa ScolamieroAnalyst IFebruary 8, 2009

Saturday morning reports came out saying that in 2003 Alex Rodriguez had tested positive for steroids. This was only a few days after the reports came out that Barry Bonds had tested positive in 2003 as well.

Now all this stir has been created about how Rodriguez lied when he was asked if he had ever taken any performance enhancing drugs. Katie Couric interviewed him after the 2007 season, and he stated over and over that he never felt over matched on a baseball field and never felt any reason to take the "stuff".

Either someone threw Alex's name into the list just to cause controversy or, at some point, he really did feel the need to take the stuff. I would say the latter is the more likely one.

It seems like the federal government has over the past several years taken a serious interest in steroid use in baseball. Now they are out to prove a point by dropping high profiled athlete's names on the steroid list. Point of the matter is they know what they are doing is causing a stir to cover up for the fact that they turned their heads for so many years, along with so many executives inside of baseball.

For those of us, who have viewed Alex as the one who was pure and had the chance at shattering all the records, this news is hard to take. We saw Barry Bonds take over the home run title and the entire time there has been speculation that he went about it in a dirty manner.

With Alex, there was hope that a new record could be claimed in a completely natural way, but now there is a shadow of doubt on that as well.

Spring Training starts in a few days, and there is no doubt that Rodriguez is going to be bombarded with questions about his supposed steroid use. The questions are going to extend to his manager and teammates and once again there is going to be the distraction of steroid use before camp even opens. Andy Pettitte went through it last year, and now the torch has been passed to Rodriguez.

If Alex was smart, he would take a lesson from Pettitte and stand before everyone and admit to what he did. He would let everyone ask their questions and answer honestly because that's the only way that he can move forward from this situation. Admitting his part in the steroid era and getting it over with is the only way that Rodriguez can start his season without any of this lingering over his head.

Of course, this is not an easy thing to admit to, and everyone knows that is something gets into Alex's head it can take a long time for him to shake it. There is a chance that it could effect his season, and that is troubling for Rodriguez and the Yankees.

No athlete wants their name on a steroid list, but the fact of the matter is Alex Rodriguez has found his name on such a list. He can choose to deal with it and confront everyone and get it out of the way. Or he can keep denying his involvement and join the likes of Bonds and Clemens. One way or another, he has to choose which way he's going to take this situation, and he would do well to remember that being honest isn't as overrated as everyone might like to think.