K.C Was Wrong: A Defense of Chris Jericho

K.C MynkCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article titled "Five Truths About Professional Wrestling", and in that article, I wrote something that was wrong.

My point No. 1 in that article stated, "Wrestling fans are not idiots." The events that took place this weekend have made me rethink that point.

I am not going to hash and rehash what happened to Chris Jericho in Canada this weekend because there are three separate articles detailing the events with links to the video of the incident that has been posted on YouTube.

However, this incident has made me rethink the article I wrote a few weeks back because it does clearly appear that yes, there are some wrestling fans that are indeed idiots.

One of the great things about professional wrestling is that it provides fans an escape from our daily lives through a highly dramatic and action-packed entertainment product.

The emphasis of course is on the phrase "entertainment product."

Wrestling is just that, entertainment. The story lines regardless of how well they are sold are more 99 percent of the time not real and consist of performers who are (for lack of a better term) just acting a part.

Insiders will use the word kayfabe to describe the character that the wrestler is portraying, and while the bumps and the action might be real, the story lines and drama are almost always manufactured.

The problem comes when idiot fans fail to separate the kayfabe character from the real life individual who is busting their butt in the ring every match to provide us with the entertainment we enjoy so much.

To believe that Chris Jericho is a jerk who really thinks he's better than everybody and everything is no more rational than believing that Al Pacino is really Michael Corleone, Tony Montana, or the Devil.

Just like the characters that Pacino, De Niro, or Samuel L. Jackson play in film, Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, Adam Copeland, Paul Levesque, Oscar Guiterrez, Mark Callaway, and Chris Irvine are all playing characters as well.

If anybody were to see Al Pacino in public nobody would dare attempt to get in a physical confrontation with the man simply because they thought he was really the drug kingpin of South Florida or because he had his brother murdered.

We all know that Scarface and The Godfather aren't real, yet more than a few idiot fans would stoop to the level of harassing Chris Irvine simply because of a character he was playing in the ring.

In fact, if Pacino were harassed in such a manner, would we not all think that the movie fans who did so were at best idiotic or at worst mentally ill? Would any of us be even the least bit critical of Pacino if he were to defend himself if such an incident were to occur?

The fact that people would actually stoop to the level of attempting to get physical with a professional wrestler because of an angle they are working makes me lose faith in wrestling fans in general; because how could somebody be that stupid, idiotic, or show that much naivete?

So for the record I was wrong in saying that "wrestling fans are not idiots" when I should have written, "MOST wrestling fans are not idiots."


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