What Does WWE Allowing Christian to Appear on TNA Slammiversary Mean?

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIIJune 9, 2012

What Does WWE Allowing Christian to Appear on TNA Slammiversary Mean?

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    TNA President Dixie Carter announced that Christian will appear at TNA Slammiversary, leading to online speculation that Christian may be the first inductee into TNA's new Hall of Fame.

    Clearly, this would be a huge event and unlike anything that has happened before.

    The Ric Flair Hall of Fame induction this year was similar, but Flair is long past his prime. Christian was World Champion just a year ago. There is a distinct difference.

    In my opinion, there are three things that come to mind and I will address them is subsequent slides.

WWE Does Not See Christian as a Huge Asset

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    I am a huge fan of Christian. I think he is one of the most underutilized and underrated talents in the WWE. He deserves to be in the upper echelon of talents. I personally would love to see him in a program with John Cena.

    With that being said, if he was truly someone who was seen as an important talent, he wouldn’t be allowed to be showcased by TNA. John Cena would never be allowed to appear on a rival promotion.

    Lets face it, WWE is allowing Christian to appear because he isn’t considered a high-level competitor. 

WWE Does Not See TNA as a Huge Competitor

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    Though I may get heat from diehard TNA fans for this one, we need to only look back to the days of the WWE vs. WCW wars.

    Would WWE have allowed any of their wrestlers to appear on WCW television? Not a chance.

    WWE views TNA as insignificant. This would never happen if they saw them as a true competitor.

    WCW would never get someone of the level of Bob Holly, let alone Christian, to appear on their show.

This is an Honor For Christian

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    This is a true honor for Christian. He had major accomplishments in TNA when he first arrived. It is in TNA that he earned his first world title and became the NWA Champion.

    It is certainly a honor that he deserves and should be given the opportunity to accept it.

    Though his career in TNA went downhill during the latter portion of his run, his initial accomplishments should not be overlooked. I applaud TNA for honoring him.


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    One can assume that the deal to place Christian in the TNA Hall of Fame is a trade-off for TNA allowing Ric Flair to appear at the WWE hall of fame this April. 

    My hope is that TNA will treat his induction as honorable as WWE treated the Ric Flair induction. It would only be fair for TNA to do so, but the jury is out on that until the induction happens.

    Another question that is to be determined is whether WWE will acknowledge the induction. My money is on that they will ignore it. Then again, I never saw this coming, either.