WWE SmackDown: Sheamus vs. Kane, Christian vs. Ziggler, Brodus Clay and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJune 9, 2012

WWE Friday Night SmackDown opened with Alberto Del Rio. He bragged about what he did to Sheamus and declared that he’d break Sheamus’ arm at Now Way Out.

That brought out Ricardo Rodriguez as Sheamus, and Del Rio said that anyone could be Sheamus, but no one could be him. That brought out Sheamus, and the three of them brawled up onto the stage.

Referees finally broke it up, and Teddy Long appeared to book Sheamus vs. Kane and Alberto Del Rio vs. Great Khali per the order of John Laurinaitis.

The best part of this segment was without a doubt Ricardo Rodriguez. He’s the most entertaining thing about Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio was decent on the mic here; he didn’t bore me as much as he usually does.

The brawl was a nice touch, and I like Del Rio looking strong for once. In almost every feud he’s ever been in, Del Rio has looked weak against his opponent. He finally has the upper hand, so hopefully, that’ll make him more interesting as time goes by.


Alberto Del Rio vs. the Great Khali

Del Rio picked up the victory after he made Khali tap out. This wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Del Rio performed very well in the ring with his much bigger opponent, and Khali sold for him great as well.

Del Rio has been getting less boring as of late, and his chopping down of Khali is a sign of that. I was expecting Khali to miss a clothesline only for Del Rio to lock in the cross armbar.

Del Rio had to work at it here, so he gets major points in my book.

Backstage, Brodus Clay enters Teddy Long’s office. Teddy informed him that Laurinaitis banned him from Raw to protect him from the Big Show, but that he’d now be a permanent fixture on SmackDown.

Brodus then declared that all of his opponents would be The Big Show.

I don’t see how someone can be exclusive to a brand when the brand extension is dead. Then again, WWE will never admit that the brand extension is over.

I am disappointed that Brodus won’t be on Raw anymore, though. That’s mainly because I’ll be at Raw this coming Monday, but that’s really my only reason.


Brodus Clay vs. Derrick Bateman

Derrick Bateman became Funkasaurus chow here when he was squashed by Brodus. Clay had a new level of intensity here which I actually liked. I think they’re gearing up the Funkasaurus for his first real feud in the WWE.

I have a feeling that he’ll cost The Big Show the match at No Way Out somehow, and their feud will go into full swing afterwards.

Other than Brodus’ new intensity, there really isn’t much to mention here as it was the typical Funkasaurus squash match.


Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre

Sin Cara picked up the victory with a DDT. I thought this was a good match. Unlike other SmackDown talent, Sin Cara doesn’t squash his opponents. McIntyre was given the chance to perform here, and he did that quite well.

The Scottish superstar is one of the most underrated superstars on the roster and deserves better than what he’s been getting over the past year. I hope that the summer is going to kind to him.

Sin Cara continues to look good in the ring as his light continues to annoy me.

The finish of the match was pretty cool with Sin Cara reversing two of McIntyre’s moves to gain victory. I can see Sin Cara with one of the midcard titles over the summer—most likely the United States Championship.


Ryback vs. Two Local Talents

Ryback once again squashed two local talents here. I didn’t bother to write their names down because it really doesn’t matter.

WWE, please put Ryback in an actual match! I don’t care if he wins the feud, just as long as he has a real match for once.

The Peep Show was then being setup, but Cody Rhodes came out to dismantle the set. Christian stole the title from him because he was having a mid-life crisis. That brought out the Intercontinental champion, and Rhodes declared that he only cared about himself.

Christian revealed that after he inducted Edge into the Hall of Fame, he realized that he didn’t want to be remembered as the “one more match” guy.

Rhodes called his reasoning a load of garbage and invoked his rematch for No Way Out. That brought out Dolph Ziggler who said it was his time to show off in a match with Christian.

This was a really good segment here. Both Rhodes and Christian were solid on the mic and delivered great promos. That’s something the midcard is missing, good promos.

A lot of the superstars in the midcard don’t speak, and when they do, they’re never too good, or at least they don’t get the time to be good.

Christian and Rhodes show that the mid-card can be the center of the attention, much like it was at times back in the glory days of the Intercontinental Championship.

A feud between these two, and later with Dolph Ziggler, could really revitalize the WWE midcard and bring some importance back to it!


Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler

Christian picked up the victory with the frog splash. This was a good match as both superstars performed well. It featured some nice back-and-forth action, and these two wrestlers showed that they work well together.

I have a feeling Christian will be retaining at No Way Out and enter into a feud over the title with Ziggler afterwards.

Ziggler continues to impress despite losing. He has had two good matches with Sheamus last week and on Raw this past Monday, and now, he had another good one with the Intercontinental champion.

I especially liked that Vickie Guerrero was nowhere in sight. He really needs to ditch her, and it seems like he may be doing that. She and Jack Swagger have been holding him down over the past year; it’s time for him to go out on his own and prove to everyone that he’s a main event level talent.

After footage of the John Cena/Michael Cole match was shown, Cole got on the mic and wanted everyone to be mature about the situation. That brought out Hornswoggle dressed as Jim Ross. He made fun of Cole until Damien Sandow made his way out.

He wanted the farce to stop and declared that he’d stop it to save us. Before he could attack Hornswoggle, though, Tyson Kidd made the save and knocked Sandow out of the ring.

Sandow then attacked Kidd from behind and laid him out.

Well, the Hornswoggle part was completely ridiculous. If this segment accomplished anything, it would be the potential for Sandow’s first real WWE feud. As long as he doesn’t squash Kidd right away, this could be a very entertaining feud.

I suspect that he’ll squash him next week and end it right there, though.

Kane was then interviewed backstage. He declared that he had no feelings and that his only focus was the WWE Championship. When asked about A.J., he just walked away. As he left the view of the camera, A.J. appeared behind some crates.

This was the typical Kane promo so nothing too special there.

I’m absolutely loving A.J. right now. I have no idea what she’s doing, and that’s why I love the storyline. She’s literally the best thing going in the Divas division.

Then again, she’s the only Diva actually getting television time right now, but rightfully so. With just a few facial expressions, she has proven to be the best Diva on the roster!


Antonio Cesaro vs. Jimmy Uso

After Uso got in a few moves, Cesaro hit two moves to end the match. His European uppercut was impressive, though.

Cesaro is another superstar I want to see in a legit match. He was great as a member of the Kings of Wrestling tag team, and I want to see him get the opportunity to show his skills in the ring.

I don’t want to see him squash wrestler after wrestler each week, I want to see this man wrestle!


Sheamus vs. Kane

The match ended in a no-contest after Ricardo Rodriguez interfered in the match. It’s a shame to see it end that way because the world champion and Kane were having quite the good match.

With back-and-forth action and overall nice moves, the Celtic Warrior and the Big Red Monster were putting on a show here.

Kane has really been impressing me lately. He’s had two really good matches with WWE champion CM Punk over the past week and was having another one here with the world champion.

While I doubt that he’ll win the title at No Way Out, he’ll be able to hold his own in the ring with Punk and Daniel Bryan and help deliver a great match.

Post-match, Kane was about to chokeslam Sheamus when A.J. ran out and simply smiled at him. It distracted him enough for Sheamus to deliver the Brogue Kick.

I don’t think she actually likes Kane. I think A.J. is manipulating him to help CM Punk. Of course, I could be wrong and Kane could be her new love interest.

No matter what’s going on, it’s developing into a great storyline.

Overall, I thought this was an entertaining episode of WWE Fright Night SmackDown. There were a couple of good matches, a great in-ring segment and the rest of the show did its job.

While SmackDown seems to be filled with squash matches, it’s the good ones that overshadow them.

SmackDown continues to be better than Monday Night Raw, which isn’t good. With the 1,000th episode coming up and the show permanently going three hours, WWE better shape up Raw, or they’re going to be in trouble.


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