UFC on FX 3 Results: What We Learned from Demetrious Johnson vs Ian McCall

Andrew SaundersCorrespondent IIJune 8, 2012

Courtesy of MMAmania
Courtesy of MMAmania

The main event of UFC on FX 3 is a rematch of the highly-entertaining battle between flyweights Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson. Who knew they could live up to the excitement of their first battle? 

The fight was an action packed affair with excellent movement, lots of kicks and some incredible striking.

Despite his biggest success coming on the ground in their first fight, McCall didn't seem to want a battle on the canvas in the first round. He did go three for three on takedowns in the second round, but he couldn't work his way into a dominant position.

The third round saw McCall slow while Johnson continued to show off his unparalleled cardio as he worked in and out to win the final round with quick combinations. The final frame decided the outcome of the bout, and it was a unanimous decision for Mighty Mouse.

Here's what we learned from the bout.

What we'll remember about this fight: 

The incredible pace. The flyweight division is home to the fastest fighters in MMA, and our main event highlighted that characteristic. Johnson used great movement throughout the fight to keep McCall guessing, and his opponent continued to walk forward and press the action.

What we learned about Ian McCall:

That he is probably related to Anthony Johnson. McCall told the world on Friday afternoon that he had already rehydrated and was walking around at over 150 pounds–25 pounds heavier than when he hit the scales.

His cardio wasn't as good this time around. The third round saw McCall look like he lost the spring in his step, while his opponent remained fresh. It is rare to see McCall get outworked, but when he faded, Mighty Mouse took advantage.

What we learned about Demetrious Johnson:

That his power is excellent for such a small guy. He would land a heavy shot between the eyes of McCall halfway through the first round and it put Uncle Creepy down. Although Johnson couldn't capitalize the way he would have liked, it was nice to see him score the knockdown.

His diverse skills will prove to be invaluable in the newly created division. With lightning-fast combinations and some of the best head and foot movement in the sport, Johnson is hard to beat standing. 

Johnson called McCall a better fighter than Dominick Cruz. Is that a jab at the man who beat him last year, or does he truly have that much respect for McCall and his abilities?

What's next for McCall:

Perhaps a bout with Yasuhiro Urushitani. The semi-final losers can duke it out for an unofficial bronze medal. McCall is a popular fighter who has lots of charisma, so they'll set him up with something winnable.

What's next for Johnson:

The flyweight final against Joseph Benavidez. You might want to watch that battle in slow motion. Otherwise, you won't be able to see what is going on.