When Pigs Fly: Ten Hilarious Moments in Hockey

Sergey ZikovSenior Analyst IFebruary 9, 2009

If you think this is an article about field hockey, think again.

After filing through excessive amounts of articles paying tribute to Mike Gundy's tirade, a wasted Joe Namath hitting on ESPN's Suzy Kolber or Dennis Green's "They are who we thought they were!" postgame speech, I decided that the NHL could use a little love too.

The funniest moments in ice hockey. Shootouts, big hits, fights, incredible goals, and things that just make you scratch your head.

This is a compilation of plays that just are not seen every day. Sorry Patrik Stefan, but you aren't alone here.

If you think to yourself "What the heck?!?", you also aren't alone.

So sit back and enjoy 10 NHL plays that probably should have never happened.


"Have a Nice Trip, See You Next Fall"

Occasionally, players who simply should not be seen in a shootout take the ice. Former St. Louis Blues defenseman Dennis Wideman would certainly be in that category as he tries to make a nifty deke, only to have it backfire miserably.

I don't believe good hang time was his game plan.



"Watch Out, He's Got a Mean Left Hook"

Fighting in the NHL has been a topic of controversy, but there are very few true hockey fans that would support a ban. The sole job of "enforcers" is to fight and protect the superstars and many teams enlist their help for just that reason. Georges Laraque, Donald Brashear and Colton Orr are prime examples.

A several minute fight can change the momentum of a game completely. But who says a short fight can't have the same effect? Aaron Downey of the Dallas Stars and Jesse Boulerice of the Carolina Hurricanes illustrate that point perfectly.



"Put Him Back in His Place"

Some hits send a message. Some hits are just bone-crushing. But very few hits can remove a player from the ice entirely.

The mad scientist, also known as Blue Jackets defenseman Ole-Kristian Tollefsen decided to run an experiment with Buffalo Sabres winger Ales Kotalik as his lucky, or unlucky, lab assistant. Nobody bothered to tell Kotalik that his shift was not over yet when he returned to the bench.



"I Don't Think We're in Kansas Any More"

Big hits can truly electrify the crowd. But if you are the guy on the receiving end of one, you probably aren't too happy right now. It isn't nice to laugh at someone else's misfortune, but in this case, there is not much way to not.

Flyers forward Sami Kapanen sure does not have a clue where he is after this hit from Maple Leafs enforcer Darcy Tucker.



"It Ain't Over Til the Fat Lady Sings"

A regulation hockey game consists of three periods, twenty minutes each. But a lot of the times, games are decided long before the final horn sounds.

In a curious case, the Edmonton Oilers found out first-hand that they could use every single second of the game to win. Down by 1 with only a few seconds left in the third period to the Dallas Stars, unlikely hero Patrik Stefan steps in and tries to ice the game for Dallas.

But one man's mistake is another's opportunity. Lucky you, Ales Hemsky.



"No Shirt, No Shoes, No Save"

For the most part, hockey is a family-oriented game. But on this night, Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk turned it into a R-rated show.

A man known for his ridiculous shootout skills, Nashville Predators goalie Tomas Vokoun found this out the hard way. Datsyuk absolutely undressed the poor fellow, and not in the good way. I just hope Pavel remembered to tip well.



"Lets Not Blow Things Out of Proportion"

As the Joker would say, "Why so serious?"

The same phrase could apply when a big hit on star forward Chris Drury by Chris Neil turned into a brawl. But unlike other bench-clearing fights, two unlikely combatants stepped into the ring. Goalies Ray Emery of Ottawa and Martin Biron of Buffalo wanted to show that the netminders can drop the gloves too.

You know it's serious when the two coaches nearly go at it, too.



"Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night"

Players getting hit into the boards during the course of a hockey game is a very common sight. But players entering the crowd is a sight that makes anyone think "something isn't right here".

Bruins forward Milan Lucic delivers an early Christmas present to the hometown fans on this October night in the form of Mike Van Ryn of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Too bad Lucic wasn't wearing the proper Santa attire.



"When All Else Fails..."

Most shootouts will only go several rounds before a winner emerges. But not this night. The Washington Capitals and New York Rangers needed fifteen rounds of shootout action to decide a winner, but the way it was won is the funny thing.

New York sent out 6'6" defenseman Marek Malik, who had not scored once all season, to try and win the game. And boy, did he have some tricks up his sleeves for goalie Olaf Kolzig.



"He Must Have Been Picked Last in Gym Class"

For a goalie, sometimes after giving up a goal, they can't help thinking "How the heck could I have saved that?". But some shots should never be let in, under any circumstances.

It clearly wasn't Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Vesa Toskala's lucky night, as he let in a goal from the blue line. And no, not the blue line you are thinking. All Islanders defenseman Rob Davidson can help thinking is "Yahtzee!".

The even more ridiculous part of his shot was that the 200-foot slapshot was his first NHL goal.



If there was any bloopers or funny moments that were left out, please write a comment! 


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