College Football: How Bad Is the Offseason Getting?

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IFebruary 8, 2009

It's college football's offseason, and things are rough all over.

I am trying to keep busy. With the time I haven't spent watching the countdown clock on my iPhone until the season starts, I have started my college hoops website, The College Basketball Place. It is written by a few college football articles about recruiting, and have even read a lot of the articles on here.

But really, what am I reading? It has gone from just plain bad news like sports writer Lisa Horne deciding she has had enough of us. To even worse news, reading basically the same articles over and over again.

Let me put this in terms the average person can understand.

University of Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin is not important or interesting enough to have over 70 articles articles written about him in a week. Last we saw of him, they quitting on Kiffin. I am sure that will sit real well in Knoxville, if and when it happens.

I am reading about recruiting, which has taken a life of its own.

People seem to be convinced that a top-ranked recruiting class means something more than you have one of the top-10 largest fan bases to sell recruiting publications and internet subscriptions to. I have yet to hear anyone tell me they have seen rewrites of rankings that come out several months later when we see some late commits and even better, deductions for all of the non-qualifiers.

Often these days, top five players do not commit until after the recruiting rankings come out. Terrelle Pryor didn't last year. Bryce Brown didn't this year. It has actually been pretty common for the past 10 years.

Did anyone ever go back and deduct when players like Keyshawn Johnson or LeSean McCoy did not qualify, and then ended up going to an entirely different school in another year? I haven't seen these articles anywhere.

Soon we will get to read about wingspans, vertical leaps, Wonderlic test scores among other things, none of which will talk about who has a nose for the football or always seems to be around the ball. Is there a scouting combine drill or ranking for "hits like a Mack Truck"?

So who is up for taking a national tour to some Spring Games?