Allison Danger: The Travesty That Is

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

It has always baffled me and some what bothered myself as a wrestling fan, how talent in the independent scene is not used at all by the big three companies.

I have always contested that there are three major companies in America (contrary to popular opinion), we have the corporate giants in the form of WWE and then the self professed "fastest growing company in wrestling history" TNA.

But in my opinion ROH is the third player, to myself it is the "alternative" to the two mentioned previously. Even though all three have different audiences:

WWE appeals to the mainstream, every day, lacksadasial wrestling fan.

TNA appeals to the fans that want a more fast-paced action packed show and in general an alternative to the WWE.

ROH, however, appeals to the fans who want a more pure wrestling style where the booking revolves primarily around technical wrestling rather than the sports entertainment stylings of the previously mentioned.

However during another stint of watching retro Shimmer (this time volumes 1 & 2 for those who like numbers) I finally came to the conclusion of how good of an athlete Cathy Corino aka Allison Danger actually is.

The 31-year-old veteran of nine years has won six championships in singles and tag team competition. Also as of late she has been named (by Pro Wrestling Illustrated) as No. 21 in the top 50 women of wrestling.

But she has yet to be approached from the top two companies in professional wrestling, let alone a title push in any of the major three promotions.

I feel this to be somewhat of a travesty as Danger is one of the most talented women on any roster, she is up there with the greats of today like Del Rey, Mercedez Martinez and even Aja Kong.

This talented woman has worked nine hard years to get where she is today, and not to take away from the titles she has won, but she really does deserve a long overdue title run with a major promotion.

Even though I wish this was to happen soon, I am sadly disappointed as she is reported to have an injury and will temporarily (hopefully just temporarily) put her out of active competition for quite some time.

Hopefully this veteran will get the title push she deserves and rightfully so, but until then if you get the chance to watch an Allison Danger match, I suggest you do so as you will be impressed, I promise.

- Steven D