What Is the State of the Georgia Bulldogs Basketball Program?

Travis HitsonCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

Man, where do I start? I know UGA doesn't have a rich history in basketball, but it's never been like this. I remember when I first started watching UGA basketball, we had Hugh Durham, and UGA made the Final Four and was always competitive. We had guys come through like Dominique Wilkins, Alec Kessler, Willie Anderson, and Vern Fleming, to name a few.

Then came the Tubby Smith years, and things were heating up. We were competitive every year, Sweet 16 and a great product on the floor. Well, Tubby Smith went to bluer pastures at Kentucky (can't blame him), and Georgia got stuck with Ron Jirsa. What a blow to the program. Great guy, bad coach.

Jim Harrick came on board, and things started looking bright for a couple of years. Then came that day in January where the roof blew off, and Georgia was out there dirtier than a gym sock. Us Bulldogs fan knew things were going to be tough, but as UGA basketball mostly does, it gets competitive again.

Georgia then goes out and hires a no-nonsense guy in Dennis Felton, and he cleans up the garbage, but then after that he really put out a garbage product. I mean, there are great high school basketball players in Georgia, but none really wanted to come to Georgia.

In Dennis' defense, he did make a miracle run in the SEC Tournament last year, but after all the fun celebration was over and UGA got beat by Xavier in the NCAA tournament, I think the Bulldog Nation knew we were stuck with Felton another year, and that didn't seem to be the answer. We got that answer midway through this year with a horrible basketball team, and he got fired.

So back to my question: What is the state of the basketball team? Not good, but there are some excellent young college coaches out there who would turn UGA into a good team NEXT YEAR in my opinion.

Oh by the way, please not Bobby Knight; he's not the answer.