First Steroids Ruin Baseball, Now Money?

Mikal Elyse@@One4theDaggerCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

The economy is falling to pieces daily. Unemployment lines are miles long. Still, some players are turning down arbitration offers and not signing with teams due to low offers.

Manny Ramirez is expecting A-Rod money. Manny turned down a one-year, $25 million offer from the Dodgers. 

National League teams are extra cautious signing long-term contracts to the veterans.  They should as a result of the fact that when they start to produce less on the field they cannot choose to put them as a designated hitter.

Joe Crede wants at least a $7 million contract. Crede played 97 games in the 2008 season and 47 in 2007. The Minnesota Twins and San Francisco Giants have been looking at Crede, but only the Giants have made an offer. If they offered him $7 million or more, I would say this is a big risk to make during this time.

Orlando Hudson and Orlando Cabrera haven't had many options open to them this offseason. They might have to wait to sign with a contending team halfway through the 2009 season. Oakland Athletics have contemplated signing Cabrera, but only if he lowers his price of $10 million.

Ray Durham is even considering retiring since he has not received any offers. It seems to look like the second base market is dead.

Ivan Rodriguez hasn't had much to go on as well. He is one of the best catchers around, but teams are looking at Pudge to be their backup catcher. Ivan is not typically one to be in this position. He wants to start, yet no one wants to pay him typical price.

Ken Griffey, Jr. is looking around as well. Last season he proved he can still play centerfield. His hitting has slowed down along with his base running.  He is still Griffey, but his bank account may look a little lighter if/when he signs a contract.

All of these players are talented in their own way. Whether they have a great reputation as a veteran or have a talent that a team will be in need of down to the end.

So why haven't any of them been signed yet?

It could be greed, patience, or looking to actually retire. A few have not even received an offer and seems that retirement is the only option for them.

Greed has come out in a lot of the MLB players. These guys need to realize their age, injuries, team payroll, and the economy. 

In the end, I am sure the majority of these players will have a contract established with one team. Whoever decides to sign these players should make sure the money is worth it. Before you know it, money is going to destroy baseball just like steroids did.