Pro Wrestling: A Solid Week of Women's Action

Christi LottCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009


This episode of RAW, in the first week of February, saw the return of Mickie James and Layla also in ring action in a mixed tag team match. While they were not the main focus of the match and didn't wrestle for very long, the two had some solid chemistry together.

I'm a big fan of Layla, and about this time last year, she put on a good match with Michelle McCool, which she did on more than one occasion. I'm a little sad that she hasn't been pushed more in the ring and allowed to wrestle more since being drafted to RAW. I can count, on one hand, the number of matches she's had on the show.

She gave some stiff elbows to Mickie and had some good heel taunting. It was nice to see Mickie back in the ring as well.

The WWE would be wise to feature her more as she is the most popular diva with no close second.

Hopefully, these two will be given a one-on-one match and feud, as Mickie needs a new fresh opponent, and Layla could use a good rub from beating up the popular former champ.

We were also treated to a one-on-one match with Beth Phoenix and Candice Michelle. I was surprised Candice and not Kelly Kelly was used. I guess Kelly is still selling her loss to Beth from last week in the tag match.

It was a bit of a squash, although Candice got in some gold albeit sloppy offense; but it wasn't difficult to figure out Beth was going to win. She then had Rosa Mendes throw Candice out of the ring. I'm still not sold on Rosa or this storyline. Personally, I think it's just to get Santino on TV.

No Melina, which I'm not surprised about. The WWE is at least taking steps to feature other divas and move along other storylines.



The Beautiful People finally returned to their bitchy heel gimmick. They're much better in this role rather than trying to do anything else. The beginning of the match which happened outside of the ring added to their heat and showed them using physicality to get revenge.

It was good to see them revert back to TBP that we know and love. Unfortunately, after beating Taylor Wilde and Roxxi, the Governor Palin imitator (Daffney) came out and cleaned house.

Does TNA not know that no one cares about Sarah Palin anymore? The election is over and she's back in Alaska. Please, TNA I beg you, STOP!.



More than a year after winning the Diva Search, Eve Torres made her in-ring debut in a match with Michelle McCool. It was a bit of a bore fest, seeming more like a match you'd see in a training school than on the big stage, but Torres did well in her debut.

Now that those in ring jitters are most likely gone, she can have more solid showings and be pushed.

The WWE would be wise to do so as she is, at this point, much better than Maria in the ring, unfortunately in this match the WWE basically did nothing to build Eve and get the fans behind her.

A dead crowd killed this match. McCool seems much more natural in her heel persona, but it still needs work. She needs to get some more mannerisms and facial expressions in; and no offense, as I'm a Southern girl myself, but she shouldn't pull a Victoria and talk in the ring.

It's not a pretty sound. It seems that unless she has a skilled opponent, McCool can't quite carry a match, and she needs to sell a bit more. Maria came out to try and save Eve, making Michelle run out of the ring.

Apparently, the two will have a match this week. I'm calling Maria as the winner, and I'm sure it won't be a pretty sight.