Dwight Freeney: Colts Haven't Talked Extension

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistJune 8, 2012

How much longer will the greatest pass rusher in Colts history wear blue and white?
How much longer will the greatest pass rusher in Colts history wear blue and white?Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Dwight Freeney's comments to an Indianapolis Colts website provide insight into his contract situation.

Rumors swirled months ago that the Colts were trying to move him, and while the team denied it, I've remained convinced that the All-Pro defensive end has no future with the club.

This Wednesday, Freeney spoke with Brett Mock of ColtsAuthority.com.

While he was non-committal about the future, he expressed the desire to stay in Indianapolis. However, when asked if the Colts had had any discussions about a new deal, replied, "No we haven't."

While he chalked it up to the newness of the front office, it seems unlikely the team would not have already approached him if they had any interest in keeping him.

Freeney is in the final year of his deal, and is slated to have base salary of roughly $14 million. If the Colts had any plans at all of bringing back Freeney past this season, they would have already begun negotiations.

An extension of Freeney's contract could have freed up as much as $10 million off the salary cap, and could have put Indianapolis in position to sign veteran free agents. The fact that they didn't even attempt to discuss the issue with Freeney clearly means they have no interest in doing so.

Of course, outright releasing Freeney would save the team $14 million; that's real cash in addition to cap space.

I still believe the team hopes to be able to trade Freeney, but no one was going to bite on a deal before the draft.

Unless the Colts believe they can finish 8-8 on the season, it makes no sense at all to pay Freeney $14 million to rush the passer on a losing team, unless there's a long term desire to keep him.

Now we know the Colts have shown no such interest, and that information only makes it more probable that Freeney will not be on the Colts roster week one.

Whether by trade or by release, there is every reason to expect that one of the greatest players in Colts history will soon be wearing a different uniform.