Ideas for New WWE Tag Teams

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

Over the last 10 years we've seen tag team wrestling come to an all time low in the WWE.  They neglect the division, but still insist on having it.  I have a few ideas for new teams that could help the division.

I don't mean make them tag once.

Give them there own tag team name, and let them wrestle as a tag team for a while.

Rhodes and Dibiase

I guess this isn't a new team, but Rhodes and Dibiase could be a good team if they wrestled as a team more.  You can still have legacy, but you need to book legacy as Orton and Priceless, not as a group.  They can't wrestle as a trio.

Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio

Kofi needs to polish his skill and Rey is getting boring in the singles division.  Why not pair these two high-flyers?  There is serious upside because they would be the most popular tag team.  The only downside is how much it takes away from the IC division.

They can be replaced though.  Bring Ricky Ortiz over from ECW, and bring back Charlie Hass' push and Santino Marella's push.  Let Sim Snuka wrestle more and he'll be pushed for the IC division as well.

Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

If you don't want to move Kofi, here is another ideal partner for Rey Mysterio.  They could have a short face run as a tag team.

The Big Show and Umaga

Going from one extreme to another, this team has serious potential.  The Big Show seems to be going know where, and a tag team role with Umaga could be ideal for both guys. This wouldn't be a permanent move for either guy, but  it would be good for the time being.

Primo and Evan Bourne

The team would be awesome.  Great high flying moves with some nice spots.  It would be a great way to show case Evan Bourne's talents, and a way to bring Carlito back into singles composition, where he belongs.

The Boogeyman and Golddust

Maybe not a serious team, but they could certainly do some good segments.  They'd be great for laughs, and if booked right would go over with the fans.

Manu and Ryan Braddock

They both have the evil crazy look and Manu could switch his gimmick to a similar one. They'd be a nice addition to either Tag team division, and they would offer virtually no down side.