Changes Required in the England Ranks

James TuckerContributor IFebruary 8, 2009

After seeing a team getting bowled out for a mere 51 in professional cricket, you have to wonder if that just happened. And the harsh reality is that it did indeed happen to England.

On the back of a result like this, everyone is looking at who should be blamed, and who should be dropped, and there are a fair few hot candidates to return to their counties with a distinct lack of confidence.

The obvious candidates are Bell and Panesar, as their form has been off for a long time. However, I do believe they should only be dropped temporarily as they can play a very important role in English cricket.

However, I do not understand why KP unsettles Bell so much, it's as though he is intimidated when he comes to the crease and needs to change his game.

I do believe Collingwood should be dropped as well. The state of his batting when he is out of form is that of a novice. Disgusting! His dismissal in the second innings just showed how bad he can look whilst attempting to bat.

Alastair Cook clearly has technical issues and should just go back to Essex and work with Gooch.

Better yet, get someone like Gooch into the set-up so he can give us some direction!

I also believe that Michael Vaughan should be recalled. He may not have the runs behind him in recent times but his presence will completely change the feel of the camp.

Harmison should be dropped. He is meant to be England's spearhead and the quickest seamer. But instead, he rocks up bowling early to mid eighties. Very disappointing.

It may even be worth going for fresh blood in the bowling ranks. For example—Robbie Joseph or Mark Davies the Durham seamer, who averages around 21 over his career.

In the batting department, I would bring in Shah for Collingwood at number five. Pietersen at three. Maybe Bopara in at four for Ian Bell. As well as Vaughan for Cook.

Although, I would be tempted to play Prior as a batsman and have James Foster keep the wickets, that would just be an idea, doubt I would do it!

I'd like to hear your views on the team.