5 European Championship Incidents That Could Happen in the WWE

Cardiff Wanderer@@CardiffWandererCorrespondent IIJune 8, 2012

5 European Championship Incidents That Could Happen in the WWE

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    The European Championship kicks off in Poland today, so the eyes and ears of the soccer world will be on that event.

    Unlike the FIFA World Cup, this tournament is competitive from the very beginning and underdogs have won the whole tournament.

    Another feature that has been prevalent in the tournament's history are moments of violence that would been more appropriate in the WWE ring than on a soccer field.

    Here are 5 of these incidents that could be recreated in the WWE.

Marcel Desailly's Elbow

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    The Euro 2000 final between France and Italy is best remembered for David Trezeguet's golden goal winner, but the incident that may interest WWE fans occurred in the first half when France's Marcel Desailly landed a beautiful elbow on Fabio Cannavaro's chin.

    How much of the elbow actually connected with the face of Cannavaro is questionable, but the player's reaction afterwards makes the move all the more appropriate for the WWE.

    A great elbow move is the last offensive strike that is not someone's signature move. Big Show has the KO Punch, Sheamus' finisher is the Brogue Kick and Triple H uses the high knee so there is a real opportunity for somebody to utilize the elbow as a memorable move. 

Wayne Rooney Shove

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    England's talismanic but petulant striker imitates the current direction of the divas division in this Euro 2004 clash against Portugal. 

    The shove is half-hearted at best but seems to garner a remarkably big reaction, which eventually leads to Rooney getting sent off. This shove would be the perfect precursor to the devastating roll-up finisher that is currently blighting woman's wrestling.

    Perhaps the inclusion of such a move might even see the Diva's division reach rock bottom. Hopefully, this would lead to a backlash from the female talent, allowing that once-prestigious division to restore itself to its former glory.

Basile Boli's Headbutt

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    Perhaps this incident in the 1992 European final inspired Brodus Clay, as these two headbutts share many similarities.

    The first notable comparison is in the pose both men strike when delivering the move, as they both hold a distinctive ramming motion. Neither man seems to feel any ill-effect from using the headbutt either, so they can inspect the damage they have inflicted on their opponents afterwards.

    However, the most striking similarity is the amazing power that both men's headbutts have over their opponent. Brodus Clay has floored a number of opponents with his headbutt, which has turned his matches into foregone conclusions, while Boli floored Stuart "Psycho" Pearce.

    As impressive as Brodus's headbutts have been in his undefeated streak, the edge is still in Boli's corner as "Psycho" is 10 times scarier than anyone in the WWE.

Darren Anderson's Foreign-Object Groin Shot

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    Attacking the groin has been a criminally underused device in recent WWE no-disqualification matches, as England winger Darren "Sicknote" Anderton showed in a Euro '96 clash against Spain.

    Anderton was making a run from deep and struck the ball true, directly into the groin of the "Beast of Barcelona" Miguel Angel Nadal.   

    Before the incident, Nadal had been dominating the game, and the pressure on England was growing. A goal looked like an inevitability for the Spanish but then Anderton struck and the game turned into a boring nil-nil draw with nobody able to dominate.

    Being a knockout tournament, the game went to penalties with the decisive one being taken by Nadal himself. The legendary Spanish captain was a sure thing with the pressure of his nation on his back, yet he did the unthinkable and missed.

    Perhaps the good goalkeeping of David Seaman can be credited for keeping the ball out, but there should be no doubt that the strike to the groin was still affecting Spain's captain.

    Perhaps if a foreign object can have such an effect on that beast, then the same action might halt John Cena when he is progressing through the five moves of doom. This could be the move that changes the very landscape of the WWE.

Stefan Kuntz's Name

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    So this isn't technically an incident, but this may be the greatest name for unintentional comedy that has ever existed. Kuntz's unfortunate homophone led to a number of comical commentary moments at Euro 1996, which was later immortalised by Baddiel and Skinner in their Three Lions '98 video.

    This name, which is perfectly common in Germany, could lead to a series of gags on WWE television, carrying on the WWE's current theme of staying child-friendly while making references that can only be appreciated by an adult audience.