WWE SmackDown: Could Alberto Del Rio Get over with Fans by Going Bankrupt?

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer IJune 8, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

B/R's own Tom Clark recently wrote an article entitled "Is Ricardo Rodriguez More over with WWE Fans Than Alberto Del Rio?" In it, he wrote,

There is no denying that Del Rio has talent. The guy can definitely get it done in the ring and has come a long way since his debut back in 2010. He’s a great heel, and he just has the look.

But there are moments when I am honestly not all that sure if fans have totally connected with Del Rio as a great heel character."

To be honest, there are moments when I'm not sure if fans have connected with Del Rio.

In response to Clark's article, many B/R members commented that they cannot connect with Del Rio but that they could relate to Del Rio's personal ring announcer—Ricardo Rodriguez. As for why they can connect with Ricardo Rodriguez, B/R member Gus Hyxdey-Arno said it best:

"Ricardo is just the gentle naive butler who does everything for his master and gets bullied pretty bad for it. He's not mean or cocky, he's just doing his job and his boss is an a**hole. People can really identify to this guy, so he's easily over with the crowd."

Ultimately, Alberto Del Rio is the complete opposite of Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio is a cocky aristocratic bully. Key word: aristocratic. In this tough world-wide economy, who can relate to that? I certainly can't.

For that reason, perhaps Del Rio should get poorer; maybe even broke.

Here's an idea on how to get Del Rio broke:

In the film, Rocky V, fictional boxer Rocky Balboa's knuckle-headed brother-in-law Paulie had Rocky unknowingly sign a 'power of attorney' over to Balboa's accountant—who had, in turn, squandered all of Rocky's money on bad business deals.

So, perhaps Ricardo Rodriguez should have Alberto Del Rio accidentally sign a 'power of attorney' over to Del Rio's accountant—who in turn squanders all of Del Rio's money.

Goodbye six-figure cars, goodbye entrance pyro, goodbye Armani suits, goodbye hair gel, goodbye scarf, goodbye golden tights. 

As a result of losing all of his money, Del Rio has nothing left but his ring-talent. He has two choices: give up and fall to his knees or rise up and keep moving forward.  Del Rio chooses to rise up and keep moving forward. As a result of going broke, Del Rio becomes hungrier for success and also humbler.

Del Rio also changes his lovely theme music to "Broken, Beat & Scarred" by Metallica—which has the inspirational hook: "What don't kill ya make ya more strong." 

As for what happens to Ricardo Rodriguez, he remains by Del Rio's side, but only as a manager. Ricardo trades his tuxedo in for a couple bucks and a sweatsuit.  

Would this make Del Rio more relatable? I think so. Who doesn't like an underdog story?

What do you think? Ridiculous or good idea?


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