Upcoming Series on the Biggest Controversy in Wrestling History

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

First of all, I would like to thank all you fellow wrestling fans for reading the past articles and submitting your feedback and votes on the polls.  It is greatly appreciated.

It seems as though "Good Ol' JR" is leading the feedback section of the "Who will induct Stone Cold into the HOF?" article. While WWE Chairman Vince McMahon leads the polls in the vote. Also the "Favorite Wrestlemania Moments" has gotten a lot of feedback. With a lot of folks liking the Bret-Owen Wrestlemania X encounter as well as many others.

I was compelled yesterday by an article by another fellow writer. He had the great pleasure of watching "Nature Boy" Ric Flair wrestle his "last match." He is now writing a several part series on his three day experience of the Wrestlemania XXIV Event. It looks to be an interesting read.

I also would like to announce that I am now a proud member of the Assassins group, headed by Joe Burgett. I had the great pleasure of speaking with him and Cam last night on their weekly show "Joe Burgett's Wrestling Report." We touched on a variety of topics. Overall the show was very good.

Joe is the headman of the Assassins; a group that is about respect for your fellow writers. The Assassins Creed is a very productive and positive in a sense. It stands for no trash talk comments to other writers. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and there's the right way to go about things, i.e. "the high road."

I've heard of this trash talk problem going on. I haven't seen any of this on any of my articles and I don't expect to because it's not about that. It's about in-depth discussion about the topics at hand. It's about letting your voice be heard and stating your opinion in a respectful and classy way. Remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right or wrong.

It's also geared to help bring the Wrestling Section of the BleacherReport to the forefront, which is a good thing. We can all band together. Contributor, Editor, Scribe, Mark, whatever. We can band together and bring Wrestling to the forefront where it belongs.

Ok, with that said. As I spoke of before of the Wrestlemania XIV series, it compelled me to ponder the idea of writing a series of my own. I thought about it initially when I first started writing for B/R, but this really spun my wheels. It's in my mind the most historical moment in modern wrestling history. It has always drawn controversy and still does till this day.

It was that cold winter evening in Montreal where it all happened. Why did it go down like that? What led up to it? Who screwed who?  These are questions wrestling fans have been asking for years.

I will give my input as well as historical data to back it, to try and answer some of these questions. Also, as usual it would be great to get your opinion and see how you feel, wrestling fans. This is a subject I've always been very passionate about. I hope to share that passion in this upcoming series on the Montreal Screwjob.

I set up the polls once again with a lil question to see how you, the wrestling fans, feel on the matter. Please feel free to answer honestly and leave some feedback if you want to.

That's enough for now, but there's more where that came from.

This has been an Assassin article.