Breaking News: B/R WWF: (B/R Creates Its Own Wrestling Writer's Promotion)

KumarCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

Note: Yeah I know the image at the top is wrong, but my image didn't load, so that's what came up....

I’ve been looking around at B/R for a couple days, and it seems we have a divided community. Now, two big players have come out...The Beast and Assassins’ Creed, otherwise known as the Creed, the Assassins’, and last but definitely not least, the Joe Burgett Fan Club (JBFC).

Now, I think B/R is starting to be treated as its own promotion. The B/R Wrestling Writer’s Forum (B/R WWF) is the pearl of the Wrestling Writing Business, having some of the best writers in the blogging business (aka in no order: Shane, M, Daris, Demetrus, TJ, Ross, Mina, Ray, any other members of Beast and (WHAT?) Kumar). 

But, like the real wrestling business, there are faces and heels. B/R’s forum has one giant face stable, and one giant (or so we think) heel stable.

I can speak from a neutral point (I haven’t joined a stable yet, but the Beast (is awesome) would be the right place for me, and I also LOVE Mean Man) and because of my neutrality (with a little bit of bias), I have decided to become the new General Manager of our promotion.

Our headline show will be called Wednesday Night Writer’s Revolution. This will fit nicely because well, we can fit it in with the Beast’s show; Hit the Ropes, which reminds me….

Hit The Ropes! The ULTIMATE WRESTLING TALK SHOW! Booker T (yea, it’ll be the Bookerman ya’ll) will be on in a few weeks! Tell your friends, and let them tell their friends! TNA, WWE, and B/R, all on the same show!  Only on BlogTalkRadio!

Endorsed by my Homemade DX Mac &Cheese, and Triad Productions.


Anywho, like I was saying, it’ll run from 6-7, which totally fits right in with Revolution. There will be promos, heels/faces, face-offs, and articles of all sorts. To all newbies on B/R, here’s the lowdown…

1)      Beast is the face, and Creed is the heel.

2)      Joe Burgett is (still) the most hated man on B/R.

3)  There will be a B/R World Wrestling Writing Championship. Every time there is a writer to writer between the champion and a member of B/RWWF, the Championship will be defended. Right now, I’m crowning the Inaugural Champion as Shane Howard, because he’s split my pants open (pant-splitting, not side-splitting, Shane) more than Dane Cook in the last two months.

4)  Face and heel turns are temporary, unless someone switches from Beast to Creed (which would make them heel) or vice-versa (face turn).

5)  I will be making one show a week. Could be any day of the week, but when I see the comment boards loading up, I’ll make a show.

6)   The show’s theme will be…(Anyone give me ideas)

Alright, so that’s the show rules. If you disobey, well, you can just go SUCK IT, and whoever you are, I WILL release a diss article to you. Oh yeah, one more thing...

You can also be unaligned to a stable, and treat both Creed and Beast fairly. For those types out there, don’t take Beast literally ever, unless they mean literal things, because if you do, I will buy the ECW Title for $10 from Shane, and smack your head down with it.

If you do, you will get your (lunch) handed directly to you, and your dear mothers.


This has been a BRB4L/VLR/HTR Triad production.