Eight Funniest Moments In Formula One

Ryan WoodAnalyst IFebruary 8, 2009

Not in any particular order, these are some of the funniest moments I could recall that have happened in Formula One.

(Some video's contain strong language)

1. Montoya leaves a press conference after two Australian reporters bombard him with strange questions.

Watch the video here

2. Raikkonen is pretty blunt with his answer when Martin asks a question about coming to the grid pretty late. Martin's reaction "you'll have a nice light car then".

Watch the video here (contains strong language)

3. Montoya goes crazy after he walks into a cameraman. It broke his head, which may be why he retired from F1.

Watch the video here (contains lots of strong language)

4. We all remember this moment. The European Grand prix when a gravel trap turned into a very expensive parking lot. In total seven cars spun off into the trap, with Lewis Hamilton hitching a lift back onto the track from a friendly crane.

Watch the video here

5. Singapore, Ferrari mechanics completing the 100m sprint, whilst being cheered on my the McLaren boys.

Watch the video here

6. Schumacher storms to Coulthards garage after the pair were involved in an accident which saw them both retire.

Watch the video here

7. Man runs onto track dressed as a lepricorn at the Silverstone GP in 2003.

Watch the video here

8. Taki Inoue gets hit by the emergency car in Hungary at the 1995 GP. (suggested by James Broomhead)

Watch the video here