Chelsea FC 2012/13 Away Kit Revealed but Not All That Striking!

Louis HamweyAnalyst IIIJune 7, 2012


That's pretty much all I can say about the new Chelsea FC away kit. The simple design the Blues opted for with adidas isn't too bad, but the colors leave me scratching my head. It was bad enough last season when the away kit had that aqua blue Samsung-inspired square pattern—at least it held some of the original blue.

The sash design, diagonal across the front, is not too bad. The shorts are fine. However, this baby blue is a whole new shade that looks like it belongs on the walls of a newborn boy's room, not a footballing shirt.

It's too calming to represent you when you are a team that relies on the hard-nosed physicality of the game. I guess if owner Roman Abramovich cannot get the subtle beauty he wants in terms of players, he will make them at least dress like calm players of beautiful football.

You can check out a short promo video here, where the cinematographer apparently had issues with his white balance. You can also see the enthusiasm on the players' faces as they describe the new jerseys, especially Juan Mata, who is so overwhelmed with joy that all he can do is tell us what the colors are!?

There's definitely an issue with it when the only player who looks generally enthused is the man who hails from a country where the men carry dogs as fashion accessories.

What are your thoughts of the new kit? Am I right on the money or being totally overcritical?


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