WWE Opinion: Don't Hold Your Breath for a Dolph Ziggler Arrival

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJune 7, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

With Randy Orton and Chris Jericho almost simultaneously suspended, many fanatics are once again clamoring for Dolph Ziggler to be the guy to fill the void as the WWE now has an opportunity to create new stars. 

How cute. 

How many times in the past few years has the WWE been faced with an opportunity to create a new star due to injury, suspension or consumer boredom?  And how many times have they delivered on these opportunities?

The WWE tried a youth movement in 2009, then they got impatient.  Today, they have aggressively adopted a "win now" philosophy. 

Why else would Brock Lesnar be under contract?  Or Cena be called upon to pull double duty when the SmackDown live attendance dips?   

The WWE has notoriously stuck to what they know in times of crisis, depending on the same two to three top stars to get them through prolonged valleys of darkness. 

To make matters worse, they have been justified in this counter-productive mindset as they experimented with Brodus Clay in the main event of last week's RAW only for the show to draw a year-low rating. 

The WWE expiremented with serious Brodus Clay last week. Unfortunately, the experiment failed with a 2.7 rating (From Sify.com).
The WWE expiremented with serious Brodus Clay last week. Unfortunately, the experiment failed with a 2.7 rating (From Sify.com).

This past week, Clay wasn't even featured on RAW, and your main event saw longtime McMahon favorite Michael Cole in a cockamamie match against John Cena.  The combined age in that match was 78 years, with the average age between the two venerable stars clocking in at just under 40. 

However just like the aforementioned ages, the rating went up. 

In response to the bad ratings trend, the WWE announced that Vince McMahon will be appearing on RAW to play patty cake with John Laurinaitis on next week's three-hour show.  

Also coinciding with the WWE's exponentially thinning roster is Wednesday's announcement that Triple H will appear at WWE No Way Out this month. 

The cavalry has certainly arrived to rally around the product as the ratings sink and the roster is pillaged by suspension, and Dolph Ziggler is nowhere in sight. 

Ziggler has long since been a popular choice for the perennial "The WWE needs to push..." discussion that never seems to go away on the Internet. 

Unfortunately for his repetitive, future-minded fanbase, Ziggler continues to spend his time doing jobs, most recently to World Heavyweight champion Sheamus on RAW. 

Even if he did receive the career boost that has eluded him for the past several months (woo!), the WWE may have waited too long to finally give Ziggler the ball since previous opportunities for Ziggler in the main event only saw him precipitously descend down the pecking order.

The answer to the inevitable question of who should step up in Orton and Jericho's absence is simpler than the oft-biased message boards are making them.

John Cena.  CM Punk.  The usual suspects.  Maybe sprinkle in a little bit of Daniel Bryan as the exception to the rule.   

It's what the WWE already knows is successful, and in a time period where officials feel that the future can wait, the company will continue to rest on their laurels.  

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