The Article I Owe B/R: Every Memory That Oscillates, My Love for Wrestling

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 8, 2009

Hello B/R. As we all know this is a wrestling community. We are to express our beliefs, thoughts, fantasies, emotions, and ideas along these B/R boards. Lately, it's just been everything but "wrestling" going on and being wrote and spoken about.

The emergence of stables has resulted in a civil war amongst ourselves. What sprouted as disagreements has blossomed into full grown disdain for anyone or anything.

I'm no exception to this. In fact, I took part in the clashes and added more fuel to the fire by publishing articles that sparked wars in the comment sections. I might have wanted to rethink some of things I participated in, but I don't regret some things as well.

I'm a proud writer and am proud of my work. I have a great sense of humor and love a good laugh, but I don't want to lose any credibility that I may possess. I'm not trying to play peacekeeper, nor am I trying to ignite anything, I owe B/R and as well as myself a "wrestling" article.

While I was having fun teasing the BK kids club, McDonald's Playhouse crew, or my personal favorite "McNuggets", I haven't been writing with the same skill or mindset I once had. I've made my first step to cleansing my "Word Life" series, as I've strayed away from my original intentions.

I'll work better on volumes 16-25. I have confidence in my writing abilities and I should be displaying them instead of giving you a good laugh or igniting a feud. I won't stop my humor articles (No chance in hell), but I'll give you some provided I've done some good work prior.

I sat down and I reminisced as far as I could into the past. I reopened the vault in my mind that contained my wrestling memories and I let them oscillate in my head until I reached upon an epiphany.

I questioned myself, and my love for wrestling. Am I a true fan? Suddenly all of the oscillating memories came together and aligned with one another.

They then orbited in a counterclockwise motion trying to find its inception. When it did, the orbit shifted to a clockwise motion and all of the memories flashed like a slide show.

Austin, Rock, DX, Attitude, McMahons, Wrestlemania, ladders, chairs, yelling, blood, tag teams, champions, Royal Rumble, RAW, fans, sold out crowds, emotion, injuries, dedication, the slides kept going as if they were infinite. At the center of the orbit was my very first encounter with wrestling.

The year was 1997. The Holiday break was near and I had wanted Poke'mon cards. Poke'mon cards was at its peak. I collected an played them as much as I could. One day, my father dropped me off at school in the courtyard. I was in the second grade.

One kid's mother had a dispute with her kid. "I don't give a rat's ass" he said.. and she exploded. "NO MORE WWF FOR YOU"! "What's WWF?" I thought.

Later, in the cafeteria I was playing Poke'mon with a group of friends. Not too long these kids came into the cafeteria and were having quite the conversation. They seemed pretty hyped as if they were on a sugar rush.

"Stone Cold whopped Vince's ass"! One of them yelled out. The other three nodded and jumped in excitement. I don't know what they were talking about, but I wanted to know so I approached the kids.

I assumed they were fifth graders because they looked a little bigger than the rest of the kids and they used profanity. Profanity is common at young ages in my New York City urban neighborhood. I walked over and asked "Who's Stone Cold?" They looked at me as if I were foreign.

"Are you kidding me right"? One laughed. "What about DX"? another said. "I...don't know" I responded. "I'll tell ya", one kid replied. "But first I got to words for ya", he smirked. "What"? I said. "SUCK IT"! They yelled an laughed and suddenly I was the main attraction of the cafeteria.

The kids were sent to the principle's office for their dirty mouths. "Who is Stone Cold"? "Suck what!?" I was dazed and confused. I asked some of my friends if they knew anything about Stone Cold or DX, but they all were puzzled as me.

One of my friends had told me that Stone Cold was a bad guy that hurts people. "He should go to jail then" I said. One guy came to my lunch table and screamed "STONE COLD IS THE TOUGHEST SON OF A B****!" He too was hauled off the the principal's office. If Stone Cold was such a bad guy, then why did everyone like him?

I went on line to get lunch. It was a long line and I was pretty close to getting my lunch. One guy came up to me and said "You're the guy who wants to know who Stone Cold is right"? "A bad guy" I said. The kid laughed.

"I'll tell you if you let me skip you" he said. He looked pretty darn hungry, but I didn't want to get laughed at again..,so I said "SUCK IT"! I had ended up in principal's office, too.

My house was called and the principal had a conversation with my mother. He put me on the phone. "I'm taking away your Gameboy and your Poke'mon cards when you get home"! she said. "No one is sucking anything in my house" she added, and she hung up.

I was devastated. A simple fun day turned into a nightmare. I didn't know who Stone Cold was, I was the laughing stock of the whole cafeteria, I missed lunch, went to the principal's office, told a kid to "SUCK IT", got yelled at by my mother via phone, gotten punished and on top of that, I still didn't know who Stone Cold was.

I went to the bathroom during one of my classes and just sat in chair in a hallway. Mr. Holmes, a janitor walked by. He's a kind man who loves the students and his job and confronted me since he saw how down I was.

"What's wrong?" He said. I told him everything and he listened. He told me to get back to class. "Stone Cold is a wrestler from the World Wrestling Federation, he said as he disappeared into the halls.

A wrestler! I finally had gotten some information and my next goal was to see this guy in action. I had to serve detention and lose cafeteria privileges for a week, so I had to stay up stairs in a classroom with some teachers.

My teacher had collected many toys from students who tried to play with them in class. She was very organized. She had the names of each toy written on a piece of paper next to the toy along with the owner's name.

I searched the draw for a Poke'mon toy, but came across a figure that was a bald white man. "Stone Cold" the paper read. I found a Stone Cold action figure. I was curious. I picked it up and examined it as if I were a doctor. He was bald, wore jean shorts, had a vest, and looked like a brawler.

My teacher came back in the room, and I had no time to put it back, so I took the paper and the figure so I wouldn't get caught snooping in her desk.

At the end of the day, my teacher had to leave early, so another teacher covered for her and gave out the toys. She called the student's name, and they came to the desk and picked up their toy. One kid noticed that he didn't get his toy back. "Where's my Stone Cold" he said. "OH" I thought to myself.

If I gave it to him everyone would have thought that I stole it, so I kept it and left. My grandmother picked me up that day since my parents were working. I hadn't got off of punishment yet, but I had that Stone Cold action figure. My grandmother took me to a pharmacy on the way home, and she purchased some Bengay. She got back $5 dollars from her change and told me to enjoy it.

I looked for some candy and came across WWF action figures. I saw the Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock, and others. They all were amazing. I looked and looked until I found one that stuck out to me.

The wrestler had broken hearts on his pants and had long blond hair. His name was Shawn Michaels. I picked it up. The action figure was $10 and I had $7 on me plus the $5 from my grandmother, so I brought it.

I went home and put Stone Cold against Shawn Michaels. I was just throwing punches and kicking. "Shouldn't these guys have special moves?" I didn't know but I had to find out. The next day at school was my last detention day. My teacher had me sweep the whole room and rearrange the desk. I saw her reading the T.V. Guide and she was chatting away about prime-time shows.

She once again exited the room and I ran to the guide. I flipped through the pages, but had no clue where to look. Not only did I not know the time, but I didn't know the channel. I tried 9 o' clock since people claim that they stay up late to watch it.

I looked down and down until I came across it on the USA channel. "YES"! I jumped up. My teacher walked back in and said I'm free to go now. After school I waited all day for WWF's show RAW, to come on. I was so excited that I didn't even watch my usual cartoons.

My mother had fell asleep so everything looked great. All of a sudden I couldn't remember the channel! It was almost 9:30 and my father was telling me that I have school in the morning. I was sad.

My father said that the USA isn't what it used to be after a reading a news article. USA! I remembered and I turned the channel.

A man was standing in the ring and talking. He had a suit and the crowd was booing him. The man referred to himself as "the boss", and I didn't know what he was ranting about. He soon mentioned Stone Cold and the crowd erupted. I was excited.

My father turned the T.V. off and said its bed time. "NOOO"! I said. "You have school in the morning" he told me and took me to my room. My father was hungry so he left the house. I ran back to the living room and turned the T.V. back on.

The man was still ranting and then I heard music and a man came out who resembled my action figure. Stone Cold! I had finally saw him! He made his way to the ring and confronted the "the boss". A few words were exchanged and Stone Cold did a move on the man. "STONE COLD STUNNER!", One of the commentators yelled. I heard the keys in the door as my father was returning and ran back to my room.

That night was the night that started it all. I lay in my bed that night and that moment just kept replaying in my head. "STONE COLD STUNNER, STONE COLD STUNNER!" This was the beginning of something epic I thought. As time went on, I collected more action figures and became familiar with WWF superstars.

Shawn Michaels, Kane, Vince McMahon, Mankind, Mr. Socko, DX, Triple H, The Corporation, and much more. I learned more terms, wrestlers, names, moves amongst other things, as I became the new wrestling guru in my school. "RAW is WAR!...And I want MORE!" Was my motto.

My memories now focused like a solar system as a whole and every memory had an explanation. The center of my solar system was my love for wrestling, and the Big Bang that started it all was that night I first saw wrestling.

I can be on a different page than WWE's direction and be angry, but I can never disown something that I hold so dear to my heart.

No matter if my favorite wrestler isn't getting a push, or the storylines are horrible, I cannot have disdain for it. I will never "Cena nuff!" I grew up with wrestling, as wrestling grew up with me...with us. I don't have any cognitive dissonance at all.

My memories are all puzzle pieces and after all that has happened on B/R lately, I had to retrace my steps, sit down, and reflect on recent and past things. I encourage you guys to dig deep and reflect too. Years down the line, our memories of wrestling, our puzzle pieces fall out of place, and we have to put them back in place.

The memories have stopped oscillating and the slide show has ended. They all align once more and return into the vault that is my mind.

When I need to find myself again, those memories will be released once more as I recall the jaw dropping moments, the betrayals, the Wrestlemanias, the tables, the ladders, the chairs, Undertaker and Paul Bearer, Kane and the stories that were insane.

Over a decade has passed, and another decade down the line, I'll hope to still be a fan of the wrestling I learned to love and be able to retrieve the memories from back then, now, and along the way.

Thank you for reading.


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