Boras to Press: Alex Rodriguez's Steroid Use PR Stunt To Make Him Appear Human

Michael DezsoContributor IFebruary 7, 2009

With Sports Illustrated breaking the story today on Alex Rodriguez’s steroid use during the 2003 season, while he was with the Rangers, super agent Scott Boras attempted to get ahead of the story and recast Alex Rodriguez’s use as a failed attempt to be “just one of the guys.”

Since being taken number one by the Seattle Mariners, Alex Rodriguez has put up hall of fame numbers, but has failed to capture the hearts of his coaches, teammates or the American public. His business-like manner on the field, lack of rapport with the fans and robotic press conferences has done little to endear him to almost anyone.

Scott Boras, who has often interceded on behalf of his client’s lack of personality, said that this episode represented a small part of the overall plan to ingratiate himself with his teammates and fans.

“Look, let’s be honest, this is the steroids era. McGuire, Sosa, Palmeiro, Canseco, and heck, look at the Yankees alone: Pettitte, Giambi, Clemens and probably a half a dozen more over the last few years. Steroids are a part of baseball, part of being a Yankee. I told him that he can’t keep sipping Chardonnay at the keg party. Loosen up. Be one of the boys.

When asked about the negative impact of such a strategy, Boras answered, “Scoreboard, man. He’s got the contract. He put up even greater numbers. He looks good in pin stripes. I mean, a little stigma will be good for him. Show he’s human. I mean, hell I’ve been with the guy for ten years and I still not sure that I really know him.

Addressing a question about how this impacts Rodriguez’s eventual bid for the Hall of Fame, Boras said, “Hall of Fame? As long as Barry Bonds is the home-run king and not Hank Aaron, A-Rod’s story will be small change. What are they going to do, not let anyone in the Hall from ’88-’08? Doubtful. Alex will be fine.”

While it's doubtful that this strategy will improve his imagine and will no doubt add fuel to the "A-Fraud", "A-Roid" t-shirt manufacturers, Rodriguez can always console himself with his contract and another regular season HR streak.