National Needs: This Year's Washington Nationals

Dwight Townsend-GrayContributor IFebruary 7, 2009

Sorry for my absence from writing this offseason. I've had a lot to say, but it hasn't been written down.

To me, this offseason has not been successful. The Nationals have settled a few things but, so far, have let an opportunity to significantly improve slide. With so many top-name free agents available, there's no reason for the Nationals to have not signed any of them. But so far, we haven't.

To me, the Nationals have made a choice. They have a lot of young talent, and have acquired more, so now they are going to play that talent, and find out who's got it. But in 2010, the Nationals need to play around .500 ball, or the fans, players, and executives(Bowden and Kasten) will bolt.


The Offseason: Well, we lost 101 (with a 'forfeit' to the cardinals making 102). That makes it hard to say to a player, "come play for us," but you still can sign somebody really good if you offer them enough money. We did not.

However, the Nationals did add a pitcher, Daniel Cabrera, whom I am fond of and believe will do a good job. As for Scott Olsen, another pitcher acquired in the offseason, I don't know if he will succeed, but I will certainly hope.

Josh Willingham, an outfielder who was added, solves a non- existent problem. The Nats outfield to me is set.

So, the short of things, here is my starting lineup and pitching chart

Batting Order

1. Guzman- SS
2. Hernadez-2B
3. Zimmerman-3B
4. Dukes- CF
5. Milledge- RF
6. Flores- C
7. Harris-LF
8. Belliard- 1B
9. Pitcher

Starting Rotation
1. Lanan
2. Cabrera
3. Olsen
4. Baellester
5. J. Zimmerman

I do not believe this is what the Nationals are going to do, but this is what I truly believe they should do.