The Five Funniest Moments in MMA History

Sean RambaranCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009

With Bleacher Report’s recent announcement of its’ partnership with HBO to promote the new sports comedy East Bound and Down, here’s a look at the funniest moments in MMA history.  This only chronicles moments in the cage (or ring); otherwise, Joe Rogan would undoubtedly be on the list.


5) Yves Lavigne- UFC 84, 2008

The only non-fighter to appear on the list, Yves Lavigne earned his spot during the Tito Ortiz-Lyoto Machida bout. As the fighters circled in the early part of the third round, Lavigne tripped over his own feet and fell down.

He smiled immediately afterwards as he got up, and the crowd laughed in amusement. This moment was overshadowed by the Machida knee to Ortiz’s liver and Ortiz’s attempted triangle choke, both of which would happen just minutes later.


4)  Mark Coleman- PRIDE Grand Prix, 2000

In the finals of PRIDE’s open weight Grand Prix, Mark Coleman met Igor Vovchanchyn.  After Coleman delivered a flurry of unanswered knees to Vovchanchyn’s head, the referee stopped the fight as Vovchanchyn tapped out due to strikes.

In a rush of emotion, Coleman ran toward one of the ring’s corners and tried to jump over the ropes. He misjudged his jump, and ended up falling back into the ring, much to his chagrin.


3)  Nate Diaz- UFC Fight Night 13, 2008

Nate Diaz fought Kurt Pellegrino on the main card of Ultimate Fight Night 13. Near the middle of the second round, Diaz (a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Cesar Gracie) caught Pellegrino (a black belt under Hermes Franca) in a triangle choke.

While Pellegrino attempted to defend the choke, Diaz decided he had already won—he flipped the double bird, then flexed his biceps before Pellegrino tapped out moments afterwards.

Some people may call that a lack of sportsmanship, but I call it entertainment.


2) Rich Clementi- UFC 79, 2007

The fight between Rich “No Love” Clementi and Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard garnered a lot of publicity due to the intense rivalry between the two fighters.

Guillard (who was fighting out of New Orleans, LA) and Clementi (who fights out of Slidell, LA) had a war of words leading up to UFC 79, and a rumored skirmish between the two outside of a smaller promotion’s show only added to the tension.

As Guillard entered the Octagon, he immediately took the center of the cage and flipped Clementi the double bird. 

“No Love”, in a testament to his nickname, grabbed his crotch before Guillard was escorted to his corner by security. 

Midway through the first round, Clementi controlled Guillard with his wrestling, and at one point he controlled Guillard in a full nelson. Guillard responded with a huge right hand and took Clementi down. Clementi was able to use an omoplata attempt to sweep and take control of Guillard.

He eventually took Guillard’s back, applied a body triangle, and forced Guillard to tap out to a rear naked choke. When referee Herb Dean stopped the fight, Clementi released the choke, but instead of going back to his corner, he thrusted his pelvis at Guillard before walking away. 

Guillard attempted to go after Clementi, but Dean held him back while Clementi silently waved good bye to him (Guillard’s next fight would be outside of the UFC). Clementi only escalated the feud when in his post fight interview he said “Nothing worse than a guy that talks sh*t, and don’t back it up...Go practice jiu-jitsu Melvin.”


1)  Nate Quarry- UFC 83, 2008

Nate Quarry’s fight against Kalib Starnes at UFC 83 was supposed to showcase two up and coming middleweights. Instead, it turned into a track meet with Starnes continually backpedaling and avoiding engagement.

Quarry became visibly frustrated with Starnes, and in the third round he began to mock Starnes, first with his impression of The Running Man, then by walking Starnes down in the last 10 seconds with one arm covering his head and the other arm crossed over and making a hammer like motion. 

The funniest part came in his post-fight interview with Kenny Florian, when Quarry channeled his inner Rocky Balboa when asked about the crowd’s support of him throughout the fight-

When I first came in, I heard some boos, and I didn’t know what to feel like.  I was kinda like ‘ok’.  But then as the fight went on, I figured if you can change, and I can change, ANYBODY CAN CHANGE!

If you remember any funny MMA moments yourself, leave a comment!