The Best Storyline There Is, The Best Storyline There Will Be

The One You FearCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009

For about a month or two people keep talking about Christian coming back to WWE. Well as long as we know he didn't show up yet.

A lot of people thought Christian will be back at Royal Rumble or No Way Out. Well, he didn't come back at Royal Rumble, and he isn't going to come back at No Way Out.

Some of you think that he is involved in Jeff Hardy's past accidents, if that is true then we will not see Cristian come back at No Way Out either, and that is why.

  • Jeff Hardy will be locked in a steel chamber
  • Christian hasn't sign a contract

So these are two reasons that Christian will not be at No Way Out. Now this is actually a great great storyline and that's where my article's titles comes from.

I mean if you think of can see that WWE has concentrated at Smackdown and trying to have a great storyline.

Raw was always better than Smackdown but now that WWE thinks Raw can handle it's self they focused more on Smackdown.When they did that Smackdown't ratings went up and Raw ratings went down because WWE has always been concentrating on Raw.

So this time WWE tryed to make Smackdown a great show and have a good storyline,well they got to their goal and now we have to look into the future and see what happens.

The storyline started when Jeff Hardy got attacked from behind next to the hotel and couldn't make it to Survivor Series.After Jeff  was full recovered he got a chance at the WWE Championship in Triple Threat match,which he won and became a champion.

The next Smackdown Jeff Hardy celebrated his win.The next week Jeff Hardy was involved in a Hit and Run accident and couldn't make it to the show.After that the next week on Smackdown, Edge had a guest on his show and if you picked Jeff Hardy as a guest then you were right.

When Jeff made an entrance to the ring, something wrong went with the firework and Jeff Hardy was injured again.The next week on Smackdown Edge was talking about how he wasn't involved in these accidents and that he wants Jeff Hardy fully recovered before he goes to Royal Rumble to defend his championship.

Well at the Royal Rumble, Jeff Hardy actually would have won that match if it wouldn't be for Vickie Guerrero and Matt Hardy. The next week Matt started off Smackdown saying how he is sick and tired of defending Jeff and that he doesn't have a brother anymore.

The next week on Smackdown we found out that Jeff Hardy will be involved in an Elimination Chamber match for the WWE tittle.

So that's where we left one and as you can see a lot of fan's can't wait and see what happens next.That means that this storyline is very, very good.

Well that's all I got for now and i will inform you on my next article and will be written after No Way Out.

What do you think will happen next in this storyline including Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Edge and Christian?

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