WWE Raw: Micheal Cole and the Top 5 Worst Moments of This Week's Episode

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IJune 5, 2012

WWE Raw: Micheal Cole and the Top 5 Worst Moments of This Week's Episode

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    Within a few weeks Raw will be changing from a two-hour show to a three-hour event, but if this week's episode is an indicator of things to come, it looks like the WWE is not ready for such a risk. 

    Last night's episode was one of the poorest episodes in weeks (perhaps in years) and although there were few redeeming moments, on the whole it was an embarrassing snooze-fest. 

    Even the episode's highlight: the mention of Vince McMahon's return to Raw next week seemed rushed and uninteresting—like many of the creative team's recent decisions it seemed like it was an idea that was tacked on at the last moment. 

Ryback on Raw

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    I like Ryback. Regardless of all the Goldberg chants crowds have been cheering as of late, he seems like a talented powerhouse athlete and considering the WWE's lack of strong babyfaces, he will be a good fit in the company in the months to come. 

    One question though, what is he doing on Raw? 

    I understand that bringing Ryback to Raw is a good way to introduce him to audiences who may not watch SmackDown, but if that's the case, why then have him do the same old thing he's been doing on SmackDown in the past months? 

    If the WWE really wants people to get behind Ryback, why not give him a real opponent? 

    Tensai lost his first match last night since his re-debut. If the WWE was planning on having Tensai lose, why not make the loss mean something and have him lose against Ryback? 

    Having Ryback beat two random jobbers on Raw does nothing to legitimize him. 

Sin Cara vs Hunico

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    Like Ryback, both Sin Cara and Hunico are a better fit for SmackDown's roster. Their presence last night on Raw is an indicator of how shallow the WWE's current pool of talent is. 

    While I don't mind a match between these two men, I do feel that this match was a missed opportunity, specially considering the past that these men have. 

    Swing and a miss! 

The Big Show's Return to the Main Event

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    Let's face it, the Big Show has seen better days. After 18 years as a competitor, his spot on the roster should be used to put younger guys over, not to be a main event presence. 

    Unfortunately his current booking has him doing just that. Why? 

    I like the idea of having a dominant heel crushing all the babyfaces on the roster, but wasn't that supposed to be Brock Lesnar's role? 

John Cena vs Michael Cole Main Event

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    Would someone please explain to me under what circumstances does a Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler or CM Punk vs Kane match not merit the episode's main event? 

    Sheamus and CM Punk are the company's champions. Why are they not treated as such? For over 50 years the general rule in wrestling has been that your top guys get to end the show. Why then does the WWE ignore such a time-honored tradition by insulting fans with such a disgusting excuse for a main event? 

    No. Just no. 

Michael Cole's Humiliation

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    I understand that many people don't like Michael Cole, after all he doesn't make it very easy to like him, but was his humiliation at the hands of John Cena really necessary? 

    Is there honestly anyone who enjoys seeing a man being degraded that way? Even if that man is Michael Cole, no one deserves to be treated that way (even if it is part of your character). 

    I understand that there is an element of suspense and disbelief going on, and that Cole is not really being humiliated, but a grown man should not have to undergo such bullying, even if he's getting paid for it.