Tomatoes: Taking Aim at the Week That Was (February 1-7, 2009)

Kevin PaulSenior Analyst IFebruary 7, 2009

Sometimes a forum is needed as a springboard, in which one can vent about anything and everything that frustrates in the world of sports. Allow me to use this opportunity.

Go ahead, throw some tomatoes…

You know you want to.


It's a nickname that has been coined for A-Rod due to his lackluster playoff performances. Now it's finally found a real fit, as reports are stating that Rodriguez tested positive for steroids back in '03.

Let's face: It was an era where most baseball stars were guilty of juicing. A-Rod and Griffey were the two stars that most people gave a free hall pass to—until today.

Is Griff next? You have to hope not, because, come on, someone had to put up impressive numbers thanks to God-given ability. Right? RIGHT?!

Quit Horsin' Around

The NBA is adding H-O-R-S-E to its All-Star Weekend. It's a cool idea, different and kind of hip actually.

It's something that any person who has ever picked up a basketball can relate to, because if you've ever hit the hardcourt, you've likely played HORSE at least once in your lifetime.

Not so fast, though. It isn't HORSE any more.

Now it's been branded! G-E-I-C-O? Give me a break! What's next? Maybe the players have to dress like cavemen?

A big gecko plastered on each of the player's behinds? Or maybe that stupid stack of money with the eyeballs instead?

Manny Annoying Rumors

In an economy where people are getting laid off by the minute, does it get under anyone else's skin to have a guy turn down a $25 million offer for one year?

Let's face it, though: Scott Boras likely has a team or two waiting in the wings, ready to pounce on Manny Ramirez.

It smells just like the Mark Teixeira situation, and maybe it's the same team waiting, the Yankees. If that were the case, Manny would really be sticking his tongue out at Boston.

Can someone please sign this guy, so we can stop hearing about him? Great, thanks.

Changing Lane

So new Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin has already called out Urban Meyer and the Gators, with the season still months away.

If you haven't heard, Kiffin accused the Gators of cheating by calling a recruit while he was on another campus,  in particular, Tennessee's campus. Only, it's not a violation.

Nice work, Lane.

And all this time, I thought UT brought Monte Kiffin in to coach the defense. Perhaps it's also to punish his son and toss him in the corner with a dunce cap on. Brings new meaning to getting a timeout, doesn't it?

This has been “Throwing Tomatoes”, brought to you by Hunt's Tomato Sauce… just kidding.