Why the Chicago Cubs Should Relocate

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IIFebruary 7, 2009

Now I will admit I have never been a great fan of MLB; I go to a few Jays games every year for cheapness' sake and I was cornered by my MLB fanatic friend to choose a team back in 2000. I went with the Tigers since I'm a Detroit fan in most fields (except the Lions...sorry), but even I can tell garbage franchises from afar.

Now, I do follow the MLB season throughout, and try to catch every post-season game.

What has kept consistent throughout my sight has been the fact the Cubs, no matter how good their regular season record is, will not win the World Series.

Now from all I've heard Cubs fan are plenty, they almost enjoy the fact their franchise is THE worst in sports history...period.

As all the other losers teams around the world have begun to win, this fact has grown larger, recently, the Cardinals, the Arizona Cardinals, made the Super Bowl, in North American leagues, the Cardinals had the second longest Championship drought, they still do, but they made the Championship game.

The Cubbies on the other hand last came close to a title back in 1945, going 0-7 in their last seven appearances.

Now in all of this it didn't seem so bad, because the great city of Chicago boasted two MLB teams, the other being the White Sox. Well guess what, the White Sox won the World Series right after the Red Sox, leaving the Cubs as the only team in MLB that hasn't won in so long, no fan alive remembers them winning.

Well, the when referring to the century mark, it usually means something good, like an NFL running back running for 100 yards in a game, or a goaltender winning his 100th career game, etc.

But for the Cubbies, it stamps the utmost ineptitude of a storied franchise, a team which has not won in over a Century, here's a note, how many 100-year-olds are their in the city of Chicago? Add in, how many 100-year-olds alive right now were born in the city of Chicago?

Move the team, I'm sorry, but 100 years to win a Championship should be more than enough, in the NFL, some teams have moved 20 years after not being able to win a Championship, for the Cubs fans, 100 years is not enough.

Does the taste of a grubby toilet seat suit you Cubs nation? Perhaps it has grown on you all these decades.

So now the ultimate question of where to move comes up.

Why not put a team back in Canada? Maybe Vancouver? If not, then why not put a team in one of the Latino nations? Isn't that where most MLB players come from?

Mexico? Costa Rica? HELLO!

Well, wherever it may be, Chicago does not need such a poor excuse for a team, they have the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Blackhawks, and the Chicago White Sox. There's no need for the Canister Cubs to bring them all down.