A-Rod Tarnishes Yankee Legacy with Steroid Controversy

Tomer TalmyCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009

Another dark day in the history of the Yankees, the greatest franchise in the history of team sports.

Since October of 2003, the Yankee ship has been sinking into the dark waters of the Hudson River. After losing the World Series in 2003 to the Marlins, it seemed like a great run in the Bronx was finally over. On February 15, 2004, the Rangers traded Rodriguez to the New York Yankees for second baseman Alfonso Soriano and it seemed like the Yankees were bound to make another run at the title in 2004.

Them, a new face showed up in town. The greatest talent to ever take the baseball field, and he went by the name of Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod was the best all around player in the game and he made the move from shortstop to third base just to fit the Yankee need in hope for a championship ring.

However, the Yankee ship kept on sinking as they suffered the worst postseason collapse in the history of baseball losing four in a row to the Red Sox after leading 3-0 in the ALCS.

The Yankee ship kept on sinking as they lost in the first round of the playoffs in 2005 to the Angels, in 2006 to the Tigers and in 2007 to the Indians. Joe Torre was fired after the 2007 season and it was officially the end of an era in the Bronx.

2008 was another painful year and the Yankees did not make the playoffs for the first time in over a decade.

This offseason seemed to be perfect as the Yankees picked up three of the best free agents on the market in Marx Teixeira, C.C Sabathia, and A.J Burnett. Yankee fans had their hopes up once again and all focus was on a championship.

The positive thoughts were terminated by Joe Torre’s book which came out just a few days ago and in it laid several criticisms of the game’s best player, Alex Rodriguez. Torre said that A-Rod was referred to as “A-Fraud” when he was struggling and he had a hard time connecting with the players in the Yankee clubhouse. This was the second of two controversies for Alex Rodriguez this offseason with the first being his scandal with Madonna.

Today however, the Yankee ship hit rock bottom as Alex Rodriguez got back on the national spectrum with yet another bothersome outrage. Sports Illustrated released a report earlier this morning that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two different steroids in 2003. The seemingly perfect Yankee offseason suffered a major hit today and this might be the start of the biggest controversy in major league history.

Yes, it is going to be bigger than the Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens controversies. After all, this is A-Rod we are talking about, the most talented player to ever play the game of baseball. Everyone associated with baseball wanted this guy to break the record currently held by Barry Bonds. He was the "clean" guy who kept the integrity of the game alive as long as he was on the field. However, countless numbers of controversies have haunted this guy over the last few seasons. Spring trainings have been the outlet for the Alex Rodriguez soap opera.

Rodriguez will eventually break the all time home run record if his pace is not slowed down by injuries or a lack of emotional capacity for his latest saga. He was notified about this positive test following 2003 and was also notified about the report that would magnify his stature to a whole new level. A-Rod however, chose not to do anything and it is apparent that he is unable to deny these allegations because even in his mind, they are true.

All Yankee fans can do is hope that this will not affect the team in any way and that the now blemished offseason will be enough to lead them back to the promised land in the new Yankee Stadium, a place that has yet to be inhabited by the Yankee soap opera.