Euro Cup 2012 Might Be Disrupted by Topless Female Protest Group: BR5

BR5Daily ShowJune 5, 2012

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With the UEFA Euro Cup 2012 beginning in a few days, there is a lot to talk about around the world of international football/soccer. Is Spain the team to beat after their World Cup victory in 2010? Will England be relevant again or was their loss to the United States in 2010 a look into the future of their program? And of course the biggest question when you think international football/soccer events: will topless protesters cause any significant logistical issues for the tournament’s host?

You read that right. Leading up to the Euro 2012 tournament, a protest group called Femen has been doing just about anything and everything they can to disrupt this upcoming tournament. 

It’s not that they are against football/soccer as a sport. Their issue is that they believe the Ukraine’s authorities and UEFA have ignored the actions of the directors of the sex trade. Sex traders set up their operations well in advance of the tournament’s start in the Ukraine. Femen member Anna Hutsol said that the group has 40 members ready to roll in the city of Kiev, Ukraine alone.

The group participates in bare breasted flash-mob style demonstrations when protesting events/groups. Their approach is an attempt to draw more attention to their cause. It remains to be seen how things will play out during the upcoming tournament. One thing is for sure, whether you’re a football/soccer fan or not, there’s going to be plenty of incentive to watch as the tournament kicks off on Friday.

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