radContributor IFebruary 7, 2009

R-Truth vs. John Cena

Pretty soon, John Cena will run out sacrificial opponents, so there may be hope yet that this feud could happen. What’s interesting here is that R-Truth’s current gimmick is very similar to that which Cena started his career off with. Perhaps the writers can have Truth play off the fact that Cena’s “forgotten his roots” since becoming a megastar.

Though that is a possible scenario, I’d rather see them play off the fact that these two stars had a legitimate confrontation in a North Carolina airport while R-Truth was still in TNA. Though they didn’t come to blows, it was reported that the two had quite the intense stare down.

Apparently Truth recently had some choice words regarding Cena, and Cena didn’t take to kindly to the words. Storylines that are based on real life events have always been intriguing as long as they don’t cross the line and they don’t compromise the ideals of the industry, such as when wrestlers use terms like “mark”, “heel”, or “kayfabe” in their promos.

Vince Russo is a huge advocate of these storylines that go beyond the boundary of acceptable, and these storylines are what, in part, caused the demise of WCW (but that’s a separately blog in itself).


Shawn Michaels vs. John Morrison

A rivalry that’s been teased recently, there are many who believe John Morrison to be the next Heartbreak Kid. While that may or may not be the case, he is undeniably the more talented of the current Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. When Morrison used HBK’s own Sweet Chin Music against in a recent tag team match, many fans were left wanting more.

There are many possible scenarios for this feud, but my preference would be a storyline where Shawn proclaims that he see’s a lot of himself in Morrison, however what he’s sees is the young Shawn Michaels and that doesn’t particularly bode well for Shawn. Shawn can cover to Morrison how it took him years to redeem himself for the destructive character he was in his younger days, and Morrison can refuse Shawn’s guidance and continue his rockstar-like lifestyle.

The feud can culminate in an epic match (both workers are more than capable of putting on a five-star caliber performance) where Shawn finally receives Morrison’s respect. The two can exchange an emotional embrace after the match, cementing a Morrison face turn and propelling him into superstardom.


Triple H vs. Ezekiel Jackson

No other big man in recent years has intrigued me as much as Ezekiel Jackson has. I admit I haven’t seen much of him due to the fact that I don’t watch Smackdown regularly as I do RAW, but from what I have seen of his, he has tremendous upside. He boasts the power that comes standard with every big man, however he complements that with surprising agility.

Triple H, like John Cena, will run out of opponents eventually, so is a feud that hopefully can happen. The only unknown here is Ezekiel’s promo abilities. To my knowledge, he was yet to cut one on Smackdown, so my guess is that his microphone skills are a bit unpolished. However, if The Brian Kendrick is thrown into the mix, he could act as Zeke’s mouthpiece, not to mention, make for a more compelling feud with more options.


Hurricane Helms vs. C.M. Punk

This feud would certainly make for some very entertaining, action-filled matches. Should the WWE ever reinstate the Cruiserweight Division, it’ll be safe to assume that these two superstars would always be in the mix in the championship picture. Every time I think of this possibility, I envision lots of Shining Wizards, GTS’s, high knee strikes, and Nightmares on Elm Street.

Who knows, maybe Punk will even throw in an Anaconda Vice in there. While all of my other suggested feuds made this list in part because of the angles that could be involved, I want to see this feud based solely on the wrestling matches that could result.

Don’t get me wrong, both these workers are capable of cutting an effective promo and delivering value-added angles. I enjoy Punk’s smart-alecky attitude (though some are put off by it), and the Hurricane, to this day is still one of my favorite wrestling characters.


Edge vs. Chris Jericho

Arguably the two best performers on their respective brands, a feud between these two megastars would not only be money, it would be worthy of headlining a Wrestlemania.

Though they went at it previously in the past, it was never in a full-fledged rivalry with the benefit of carefully thought out writing. This feud is as close to an all-around perfect feud as you can get.

Jericho is arguably the best in the business with a microphone as he demonstrated in his feud with Shawn Michaels. He was able to gradually get the crowd to turn against him, even though there were fans still clinging to the old days of Y2J and still wanting to cheer him. And throughout the years, Edge has demonstrated that he’s no slouch on the stick either.

During feuds against the likes of John Cena and the Undertaker, Edge has shown he can hang with the big boys in delivering a money promo. The recent angle with Mick Foley comes to mind. He (and Foley) had every fan in the arena as well as on TV mesmerized. And as excellent as the promos would be for this feud, the wrestling could even be better.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Jericho can wrestle, and Edge is constantly mentioned when talking about some of the most praised matches in recent history (Tag Team TLC match with the Dudleys and the Hardys, Hell in the Cell with the Undertaker, TLC match against John Cena in 2006 where he was FU’d through two tables, etc…).