Baseball's Hero, No More: Alex Rodriguez Used Steroids

Tommy MarcusCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009

Alex Rodriguez was always the clean guy.

Baseball has been in a slump; the greatest of the players have been proven to be using steroids.

When Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron's record, an asterisk was permanently imprinted in the record books. Nobody thought that Bonds deserved the incredible title of Home Run King.

Right when Bonds broke it, fans of baseball worldwide turned to Alex Rodriguez.

It didn't matter what team the baseball fan followed, or how much pure hatred the fan gave towards Alex Rodriguez. There was always an amount of respect. A baseball fan showed disinterest regarding his team’s rivalry when it came to Alex Rodriguez.

He was always that guy.

"A-Rod" was the one who was clean.

Baseball fans looked to him to save baseball from a tainted record.Now, baseball fans have to find another one.

There was hope that Alex Rodriguez, who until today was regarded as a clean player, would break the Home Run record of Barry Bonds, and set baseball straight.

Once again, the game of baseball has epically disappointed everyone involved.

Baseball's hero, baseball's star, tested positive for steroids in 2003. SI broke the news and within minutes it was news around the world.With the likely next home run king as another proven steroid user, there are not many places a dedicated baseball fan can look to for help.Baseball has hit a brick wall, and one that will not be penetrated for many years to come. A bad reputation that, up until today, appeared to be diminishing will be reinstated and forever imprinted on the endlessly questioned Major League Baseball. It will be a long time until a real hero emerges - one that can be looked up to, and one that can be regarded as a true baseball player. One that doesn't have to cheat to play the game of baseball. Baseball is a game and there is absolutely no reason to cheat.

Every single person, from a minor leaguer who will never see the Major Leagues, to baseball's biggest star, is responsible for establishing a good reputation for the game of baseball.

And that reputation is terrible.

Alex Rodriguez was the hope for baseball. Now, the game of baseball is looking at a downward slope that is unlikely to turn uphill for a long time.